Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are all sisters of the heart

Having a blog has opened another facet of friendships for me.  One such friend, Karen DeCapite, of Some Days are Diamonds, has started an online sorority for us.  She has named it the Bloggerette Sorority!  So cute!!  Karen I am so thankful you are taking our sisterhood of online friends to a whole new level of fun!!

I have enjoyed everyone's stories . . . their ups and downs . . . the different chapters in their lives . . . the things that make your heart sing.  It is the giving of your heart that has enriched my life and quite certainly the lives of your other "sisters".

Please go to Karen's blog my sweet sister and join me in this fun journey . . . life is a sweet ride.

xo's Heidi

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hey Heidi! Whoo Hoooo! I am so glad you are on board! Lots of new sisters to meet! We're going to have such fun!
Thanks for the sweet post!
Hugs. Karen