Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Vacation Swap Treats

When Jenny Heid announced she was hosting a Vintage Vacation swap, I jumped in for some swap fun!
What a fun way to celebrate all of summer's sweetness!

Here is what I sent my swap partner, Lori of Mud Pie Studio
{think kitchsy kitchen meets farm stand}

I painted and decoupaged a recipe box with some farm fresh images.

Cutie pie recipe dividers!

Not only did we send handmade things but also vintage items like the crochet pot holder and vintage tablecloth.  {and yummy watermelon lippy treats!}

I could not pass up these precious Japanese fruit and veggie erasers!
More fruit inspired girly treats {apple hand sanitizer and Cherry Bomb Tokyomilk perfume}

Some tummy yummies!
{caramel popcorn balls, tomato growing kit, chocolate covered blueberries}

Here are my sweet treats from Lori!  I am smitten with her boardwalk inspired goodies!
Thank you Lori - I love everything!

Lori paints fabulous subway sign inspired art.  Check out her blog HERE.

Not only did she send me vintagey boardwalk boxes but some sweet inspired girly treats -- who couldn't love Pink Taffy lips and Snow Cone toe nails?

Sweet boardwalk treats on painted plaques

Vintage BINGO cards - YUM!
Love the decorative paper covered clothespins!

Thank you Jenny for hosting such a fun swap!
Thank you Lori for such fun treats!

xo's my Sugahs ~ Heidi

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Treasures of the heart

I know I have been a bit absent lately.  Life gets in the way sometimes - you know what I mean?
I have been working on a few projects I can't reveal just yet.  So . . . . I thought I would share some of my favorite treasures.

Anything in my sewing basket is treasure for me - especially when it includes vintage trims!
I noticed some of my daughter's toys laying next to the sewing basket the other day.

I was about to request that she put those things away and it hit me . . . those are her "treasures".

two finger fighters that her and her brother play with, the mood ring she has wanted for a long time and found at our recent trip to the zoo, the beaded pin from kids' church which is a reminder of God's gifts, her pet rock, tassel, marble, the lady Lego doctor her brother diligently searched for to find the one figure at the top of her wish list.

Treasures are the things you see with your heart.

Speaking of treasures.  Our silly cat, Bradley {named after the Bradley tank} is one our beloved pets we treasure.
You see that he thinks he is human (and a dog) and tries to sit at the table.  Despite the many times I have had to shoo him away from the table, I treasure his sweet disposition and loving nature.

Pink milk glass.  I love milk glass but when I found pink milk glass my heart skipped a beat!

Cabinet cards and vintage haberdashery
I don't know who this little girl is but I have adopted her pic in my cabinet.  As for the vintage collars, I love their worn patina and mother of pearl buttons.

Pitcher and basin.
Crackled with aqua and pink with lots of girlie tossed in, any questions?
I would have loved to be the girl to use this one every day!

I had a moment of summer inspiration.
How about a seashell nest with some treasures hidden within?

Love this birdie and its treasures!

Finally, I treasure all of you.  Thank you for all of your comments, emails and encouragement.  It is such a treasure to find such sweet friends in blog land!

What are some of the favorite things you treasure?

xo's Sugahs, Heidi