Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swamp Princess

My best friend informed me a while back that she was going to become a swamp princess.
My head whirling with images from the show Swamp People, I asked her what do you mean, exactly?

Her husband is taking command of the Army Ranger swamp school in FL.
Now I understand the meaning behind "swamp princess".  The proflic gators, snakes and spiders had me cringing just thinking about the natural wildlife surrounding miles and miles of this remote camp.

Being in the armed service also means supporting the families connected with your service.
My girlfriend had asked me if I could make some notepads with the ranger logo that she could give as gifts.
Of course, I was very happy to help not only her but make something special for the families that make sacrifices in ways we may not realize - all to protect what we hold dear.

The swamp school I mentioned is an elite ranger training camp in which the soldiers must endure harsh swamp conditions, sleep and food deprivation with the expectation that they must perform both mentally and physically, as expected of an elite soldier.  I only experienced the biting flies and ants while I had the honor of attending the change of command ceremony.  I cannot imagine being up to my neck in swamp water, thwarting water moccasins and who knows what else while maintaining a level head - nope, not me.

God bless them for their service. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Romancing the summertime whites

Recently, I have been rearranging some of my favorite finds and treasures.  Some things I put away for a season so that it will seem fresh and new the next time the season comes back around.

I adore a calming fresh palette of whites.
Mixed with some seashells, I tucked my whiteware and McCoy pottery here and there.
{the white ruler crown is one of my very faves lately}

I found this sweet bust while thrifting.
For mere pennies, the treasures that are out there waiting to be found amaze me.

Here is a close up of my unbottled time.
{if only it could be that easy, right?}

Maybe it would be need to tuck a little sea inspired scroll in the neck of the bottle.

There are two sides to this story.

I also love the look of handpainted china. {hence the next shelf down}
I am so fickle about what I want to display in this cabinet.  I know it will come together one day.
As a result, both styles are remain displayed for now . . . on different shelves, of course. 

I am linking in to Faded Charm's White Wednesday for this post.

Happy White Wednesday everyone!

Sending you happy summertime wishes sugahs!
xo's ~ Heidi

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aged Ancestors

Many people have probably heard "when God closes a door, He always opens a window".

(sometimes I have trouble seeing the window - it must be the tinted glass)

It's true though - it may not be on the timeline you planned but it will happen - have faith and keep looking, you WILL find it.

Recently, a friend of mine, Kim Purcell (genuine soul and artist extraordinaire), opened an art studio and gallery in Senoia, Ga. called Creative Canvas.  There, she offers painting classes (and you can bring your favorite beverage) for any skill level and even if you have never painted before.  Kim is an enthusiatic and encouraging teacher.  She really loves helping people bring their inner artist to the surface.

In the spirit of living fearlessly (pushing aside the "who the heck am I to be teaching an art class?" - just keeping it real folks), I decided to go through that window and ask her if she might need some people to teach some classes.  And, by the way, have I thought of any classes to teach yet?   Um . . . no (go through the darn window - you will figure it out later - stop over thinking it).  Does anyone else ever over think it?  I sure do.

Well, Kim said yes.  Yes?! Yes??  Oh gosh - now I do have to figure out what I am going to teach!

I am so honored and excited to have this opportunity.
It is such a blessing to be able to share what I love in a way that gives immediate gratification while bringing enjoyment to someone else.

So . . . I decided my first class would be a simple mixed media class with enough elements to, hopefully, keep it interesting enough.  I am calling it Aged Ancestors.

The base is a cover from an old hardback book which I adhered ephemera to and washed with ivory paint.

I am going to bring an assortment of new and vintage goodies for people to play with.

A little dabbling of the charcoal pencil as inspired by the work of Sally Jean.
{Sally Jean Alexander has always been one of my favorite "rock star" artists - her book "Pretty Little Things" resides on my bookshelf and I adore all of the wonderful projects within).

This piece would not escape being adorned by some textile love.
If you know me, you probably saw this coming.

Also, I wanted to share that if you are interested in having an art party, workshop or just a girl's craft night out, Creative Canvas is a quaint venue backdropped by the charming, little "Mayberry", town of Senoia, Ga. Just give Kim a call and she can schedule your function or a few hours of bliss for your group. ;)

Thank you for stopping by sweet friends!
Keep looking for those windows . . .
xo's ~ Heidi

Monday, June 13, 2011

Basketful of inspiration

I am so excited to be attending Jenn Hayslip's event, Once Upon A Dream, in October!  It is a prairie fairy theme which is sure to be dreamy and enchanting!
Swaps are already being established which means it is time to pool together some inspirational goodies to fuel my muse.

When I have some projects floating around in my head, it helps to have a place to gather some elements of inspiration to help me formulate where I might go.

For this basket, I have been inspired by pale blue and tan with worn white, tattered and prairie elements.  What colors are you loving lately?

{that is my sweetheart's framed gift in the background - we share a craft room - that could be a whole other blogpost ;)  }

The little baby with the bonnet is me {I wasn't born on a prairie, though my kids may think so, lol}.  I love vintage baby pics - the darling clothes, funny expressions and sweet cheeks.

See that prairie inspired millinery on the left?
I purchased those from Linda Marcov of the Willow Nest when she and Ludmil came to the Country Living Fair last year. (you can read about it here).  She had the most enchanting booth!

Sometimes I {hoard} hold onto things until the perfect project beckons their use.  You know what I mean?

By the way, the Country Living Fair has decided to return to Atlanta.
The speakers, vendors and events will be backdropped by the majestic Stone Mountain Park.  You won't want to miss it!! 

I LOVE this "QUEEN" ribbon which I got from Cerri of Little Pink Studio.
I love her assortment of vintage and romantic finds which inspire many projects.
She also makes the most darling art kits!

One day I would love to make a beautifully framed inspiration board to perch my pretties on.  Even then, I think I will probably still have baskets filled with inspiring goodies when I am perculating over a project.

Where do you love to find inspiring color palettes?
{the hardware store, paper napkins, nature, vintage fashion mags}

I wanted to share with you some websites that might be inspiring when you are tossing around future projects.

The Color Room - love their color palettes and layout challenges
Color Collective - their focus is fashion - TONS of color inspiration
Design Seeds - I love how their palettes evoke a feeling in addition to a color palette

What colors are you loving lately?

Have a wonderful week Sugahs!
xo's ~ Heidi