Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Soul nourishing

This past weekend was spent doing alot of soul nourishing.

Spending time with people I love

Working on projects around the home

Cleaning off my desk and getting my art out

Large or small, those moments of time are needed to refresh
and recharge our batteries.

Today, I am making one of those moments lunch.

Not just standing at the counter, crossing off my to-do list while haphazardly consuming a meal. But,

savoring the moment,

being still.

Yes, I did shoot these pics today but that was before I sat down so that kind of interference doesn't count, hehe.

Give a little gift to your self and take a moment to recharge your battery today sugah.
We take care of the world.  Our spirit needs to be included in that care too.

xo's ~ Heidi

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Cinderella story

Our story begins with a mirror.

A mirror that was covered in grit and grime with a chippy, faintly gilded frame.

What I loved most about this mirror was the fantastic deteriorated patina of the glass.  The frame still had wonderful, intricate detail.

I could be a fairy godmother and wave my diy wand of paint over it.

Here she is with a good cleaning, some primer and some fresh coats of white paint.

I have started putting some Valentine inspiration on my mantel.

A pink chippy cherub holding some of my favorite seashells.
(I use seashells year round because I would happily go to the beach year round)

Some petite tea rose bushes and pink mercury glass.

I am such a sucker for that mottled patina of the aging glass.

At night, the tealights dance against the glass . . . soothing perfection.

I am joining these fun ladies here:

Stay warm friends!
xo's ~ Heidi

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The little things

Sometimes it is the little things that bring so much joy.
I save bits and bobs of little things that I might use to tie on a package, mix in a collage or use in another crafty project.

A few sparkly bits which have been tucked away have found a new home in some new jewels.

A broken rosary, a random earring and some vintage glass beads are a few a my favorite things.
{tell me if Julie Andrews is singing that song from the Sound of Music in your head - haha, me too!}

My daughter went to an estate sale with my honey and brought me a surprise rhinestone necklace.
{I love my family, they get my love of quirky, vintage things}

I took apart the necklace and used it as part of the centerpiece along with a Mary medal for the repurposed necklace.

A little scatter pin was added to the longer necklace.

A little bird charm and sparkle magic.

Using found magpie objects and repurposing them into something new brings me joy.

Ever since I dicovered jewelry artist, Amy Hanna and her book "Rejuvenated Jewels", I have been smitten with repurposed jewelry.
I adore the wonderful objects she finds and the way she weaves them into something breathtaking.

Thanks for stopping by dear friends - have a beautiful day!
xo's ~ Heidi