Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forever flower garden

Vintage hats make me wonder about the fashions of yesteryear - the colors, styles and details
Their sweet blooms and faded colors inspire my creative muse.

I adore this little pale aqua number.
Don't gasp - I have already plucked some blooms for my friend Tracy at Creative Cure to use on a vintage wallpaper tag.   {I told you not to gasp}
  I can't wait until she posts the pic!  It is GORGEOUS!  I love the way she mixed different vintage elements colored in pale aqua with ecru and tan.

The blooms are so frothy - I love to craft with these.

The velvet violets on this one make me swoon. ;)
Sometimes it is hard for me to pluck the flowers but creating pretty things with them also make me happy.
{I am a fickle girl after all}

Couldn't you just imagine someone's sweet grandma wearing this one with her Sunday best and white gloves?

A bouquet of tempting taupe.

 Ooh those velvet berries are to die for!

This one I cannot pluck.  In fact, I may wear this one someday.
It's soft crushed rose is simply beautiful.

I supposed you can tell I have been picking this one over for a while.
(trying to hide some of the bald spots)

One of my favorite things about this hat is the velvet leaves.
{I guess by now you have figured out how much I love velvet roses and leaves, ha ha}

Is there an interesting art supply you love to craft with?  I would love to hear your favorites ladies!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Modern Marie

Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is a good thing -- explore different possibilities.
Orange Black Aqua Pink, hmmmm . . .
Anyone have a favorite  or "go to" palette?

Here is my modern Marie card in which I was trying to achieve a sort of modern vintage look.
{yes, modern and vintage can reside most peacefully}

It is hard to tell but I glimmer misted the card base with Vanilla Breeze glimmer mist.
The Marie image was part of a digi set that I purchased from Cassi here.
She produces wonderful digi sheets which are exceptionally priced.

Of course, I had to add some grundge and sparkle because it just makes me *happy*.  ;-)

I am linking in to Moxie Fab World's tissue/crepe paper challenge.

Hope you are having a wonderful evening{or day}!
xo's ~ Heidi

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tidying teacups

Lately, I have been able to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to tidy some teacups and a few other random things like this curvy mirror.

It measures about 5x7 inches which makes me wonder if it was used as a shaving mirror
or maybe for a vanity.
The mercury glass tealight holder splashes light against the mirror when I light it at night.

At a recent trip to TJ Maxx, I scored this super cheap and super chic wire basket.
I knew I could find something to corral in it {like our pile of napkins}.
 And, there were other sizes too!
If you need a pretty basket to hold towels, art supplies, toys, get over there quick!
{sidebar tip -- their reusable shopping bags are usually cute only cost a dollar = cute gift bag for cheap}

Many years ago, I found some German morning glory placecard holders.
They are just too pretty to keep in storage.  Not only do they make sweet placecard holders for a tea but they also make beautiful beverage or dish markers.
I have been culling out alot of what I don't use {yay Goodwill and some happy friends} and trying incorporate what I love and use more in my decor.

While some people may love a china hutch filled with chintz, I think my love would be Limoges.
{pale, delicate pastel flowers, and curvy designs}
A petit Limoges tureen and some butter pats - the butter pats have also served as tea bag rests.

One of my dearest and best friends, Kelli, gave me this soup bouillon cup (my first one!).
The pale green wash is a perfect backdrop to the handpainted flowers.
Wouldn't a shrimp bisque be pretty in this one?!

Here is a closeup of the handpainted flowers and gold flourishes.

What spaces have you been tidying up that you love?
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xo's ~ Heidi

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The way I like dirty dishes

Everyone has chores to do.
Some can be relaxing, like gardening or vacuuming (yes, I said vacuuming).
Some can be revolting . . . well let's just say between the pets and people living in our home, there are options on the revolting part.

My favorite dirty dishes are the kind that are
ummm . . . in the dirt.

I cannot take credit for this idea.  I know I have seen this done somewhere before along with a million other ideas I have filed away for one of those "a-ha moments" when I remember it again.

The winter flower beds at Ms. Wendy's were looking a little barren.
I decided they needed a facelit for spring.
Quirky and different was what I wanted.  And, I love the idea of recycled garden adornments.

Another thought hit me while I was writing this post.
What about spoons and forks?
Wouldn't that be the cutest?!

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