Saturday, November 27, 2010

Making memories

Hi sweet bloggy friends!
It has been a very sentimental week.  I am usually not one to be too gushy {unless I am watching Titanic or The Notebook  -- ok, ok, maybe I can be a very gushy at times} but I did want to share a significant event that happened in my life this week.

My grandmother, Sadie Ennis Cowart, passed away earlier this week.  She is the woman I want to be when I grow up.  I remember, as a kid, laying awake in bed with her when I was little - talking and listening to trains go by in the middle of the night.  I will always think of her whenever I hear one of those midnight trains.  She cared deeply for her family and extended family.  With her, there was never a loss for an extra plate at the table or an extra pair of hands for a family in need.  Resourceful and determined was her mantra.  She loved the Lord and truly loved and helped the people in her community.  It is a great loss to me that she is no longer with us physically.  This Thanksgiving has been particularly meaningful to be able to spend it with my Dad, Stepmom, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends during this time of loss.  I am so thankful for the time spent with them.

Once we got home I needed to do something {other than cooking another complete Thanksgiving meal}.
It seemed right to get down some Christmas decorations to begin to celebrate the season Granny Cowart loved so much.

Here are some of my favorite decorations.  I am NO WHERE near finished!  It has been nice to get started though!

Mr. Snowman ~ don't you love his top hat?!
I love his word "BELIEVE"
Believe in LOVE ~ it IS a powerful thing.

Last year I was a lucky girl.  I found this Nicol Sayre angel at TJ Maxx.  Did anyone see her sitting there? 
Calmly, I placed her in my buggy and then ran to the check out!

I couldn't believe it!  Did you see her wire cage form around her glass glittered skirt?
Or her tinsel wings cherubic face?
Or crepe paper skirt with dresden trim?
I thought I would faint . . . really.

Nicol is amazing in her folk art style and attention to details.

I filled my ironstone pitcher with some frosty branches
and adorned the neck with a vintage rhinestone necklace.

Sidebar ~ I almost did not put the necklace on the pitcher.
I had tied a little seam binding to each end since the necklace was too small to fit around the pitcher and had an "A-Ha" moment.
I could wear this as a longer length necklace and junk it up a bit with a few baubles and a scrap of crochet!
Ok, put it on the pitcher and keep going. (In a few days a may change my mind ~ I am a woman after all).

This year, yes . . . . again at TJ Maxx I found a holy family scene by Nicol Sayre.
Yes, I about fainted  . . . again!
So inexpensive too!  I couldn't believe it!!
The manger with angel and family was only $16.99!!!

I love the pastel colors, vintage style paper and sweet faces.

Such an adorable angel ~ it puts me in the mood for the PEACE, LOVE and JOY season.

I thought I would share more holiday decorating inspiration as created by a very talented lady, Cathy Scalise of Treasured Heirlooms.  She makes amazing, enchanting decorations that are so frothy you can't help but smile!

Here are some wish list items:

Love this wreath!  Glam and glittery ~ swoon swoon swoon!

Such enchanting ornaments!
These would also be lovely on packages ~ how lucky would that recipient be!

Thanks for stopping by Sugahs!  I am off to get more boxes from the attic.
I hope you have a wonderful week and are able to spend some time with the people you love.
xo's ~ Heidi

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cutie Pie Couture

Do you have a special cutie pie you would like to make a gift for?
or maybe even a grown up version for yourself {wink, wink}?

Here is a somewhat simple rosette you can make not only as a pin/hair clip but also as a bow for cute gift packaging!

Gather your supplies:

Fabric scrap for center
Needle and thread
Circle template of your choice (Nestibilities, Cricket, margarine tub cover)
Fabric scissors or pinking shears
Beads or button for center
Pin, hair clip and felt for back

I know this fabric is a little springy ~ use what you have if you want to reduce
your stash.  Have an old outfit your cutie pie can't wear anymore?  Upcycle it by using the fabric, buttons and trims for your projects.

 My cutie pie loves pink so lime green paislies and pink it is!

I chose pinking shears because I love the sawtooth look.
(see the fringe on my previous post?  I {heart} my pinking shears!)

Very important!  The circle template you choose will be the diameter of the finished product so consider that when choosing your template.
I chose a spool of ribbon.

I folded my fabric at least twice to reduce my cutting time.
Use a pencil {I like the mechanical kind} to trace around your template onto the wrong side of the fabric.

Can you see the line?
It does not have to be dark or complete, just enough for you to follow when cutting.

Use your pinking shears or cutting shears and follow the pencil line.
Cut out 7 circles.

Lay the first circle on your workspace (right side up).  This will be your base.
Pick up another circle and fold in half (wrong sides touching wrong sides)

Fold in half again to make a pie slice.

Next, pin your pie slice to the base.
{are you still hanging with me?  ;-)  }

Fold the next circle into a pie slice and place it under the flap of the first pie slice {about half or a quarter to the inside}.  Pin in place.

Add more pie slices, pinning as you go.
{are you starting to see the cutie pie fluff?}

Once all of your pie slices are nested and pinned, tack down each pie slice towards the point or center of your brooch.

Next, add your fabric scrap to the center.
I used a little bit of lace.

Then, stitch your beads or button to the center.
Finish off by adding felt and pin and/or hairclip to the back. 

So cutie pie sweet!

Don't forget!  If you make hair clips you can clip them to your gift bag for
a one-of-a-kind gift packaging.

If you hit any bumps in the road, you are welcome to contact me
at and I will be happy to help.

Thanks for visiting me to day Sugahs!
Have a wonderful day!
xo's ~ Heidi

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bloggerette fun and a fun challenge

When Karen at Some Days Are Diamonds offered to create a Bloggerette Sorority, I thought it would be a neat idea.  What a great way to meet more bloggerettes out there!

As part of our RUSH we were asked to create a project using a vintage image provided to us by Karen.

Hmmm, there was an old chenille blanket that I have been waiting to use for something special.  I knew I had to incorporate such textile yumminess into my project!

 I decided to make a banner which I could hang in my craft room.
There it would remind me of the wonderful people (and sisters!) I have met through blogging who inspire me everyday.

Vintage buttons - a must!
I love the ones used on baby clothing from days past - so sweet and small.

Well, I couldn't have a project without some diamonds right?
Vintage bling is just the thing!

Love you Mon Amis!

Sometimes you need a little challenge to get you focused on the things that are important to you.
Rhonna Farrer has an awesome challenge out called the 21 Day Challenge.
I decided to go with it!

a little damask suede black book to inspire me . .  ;)

{some alterations and embellishments might be needed to the front, tee hee hee}

Here is a peek at my doodles for the title page.
I think everyday I will add a token word or doodle and see what happens.

You might be wondering what I chose as my challenge.

I decided I need to be more diligent in my creative pursuits while keeping my family as my number one priority. {a little more synergy between the creative Heidi and Mom Heidi}
 What does this mean?  Maybe not raising my hand {cough, cough} at every other volunteering opportunity so I have more time to do things in line with this goal like painting AND making a home cooked meal. 
Play in my craft room more {at least walk in there daily even if I fluff things up a bit}.

If you decide to take the 21 day challenge too, drop me a line.  I would love to hear what you picked and how it is going for you!

Thanks for stopping by Sugahs!
xo's ~ Heidi

Monday, November 1, 2010

A season of thankfulness

Where has the time gone this year?
It has flown by in a flurry of activity at our house!

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate one of my favorite seasons by sharing a few things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for . . .

The ability to see so I can enjoy my husband’s smile in his eyes

My children’s hands in mine

A disorderly pantry

Glitter ~ it can make even the simplest thing magical

My grandma’s sewing machine which I don’t use ~ I remember her using newspaper for patterns when she made my costumes for dance recitals

The best friends a girl could ever wish for

A home to make memories in {I guess this means I have to claim the dust bunnies too, lol}

My bloggy friends who inspire me and put up with my silly ramblings

Quiet mornings when I can cuddle my coffee cup before everyone wakes up

The use of my hands to give the people I love what is in my heart

What are some of the things you are most thankful for?
Thanks for sharing Sugahs!

xo's ~ Heidi