Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Altered Prize Ribbon Journal

It won't be long before the lazy days of summer will be here.  In less than two weeks, the kids will be out of school and days at the pool will begin.

While my kids are bit older, I still struggle with productivity in the summer.
So, if any of you have some pearls of wisdom, please share!  There are probably other people who would love to hear what works for you too.

Truly, though, I am looking forward to just spending time with them (park visits, sandy toes, ice cream trips and picnics, even the dog days of Georgia summer).  The older they get, the faster time seems to progress.  Every moment - I want to savor it before we are packing the car for college.

Squeezing in some creative time, I covered a composition notebook with pretty papers and adorned it with a doily prize ribbon.

A little dresden butterfly and some glitter.

A close up of the paper tails.
I did a little distressing and stamping too - very subtle, just for texture.

The velvet damask paper on the spine is super luscious!
If you are a very tactile person, you may love velvet too.

This journal is available for sale on ETSY here.
Let me know there is a different color palette you would like.
I would be happy to list one just for you.

Thank you for stopping by sweet sugahs!

xo ~ Heidi