Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drop Dead Diva props

When you least expect it, interesting opportunities pop up.

Such as it was one afternoon - a phone call from a friend, something like this . . .

"I need some very simple handmade cards for a movie prop. Can you make me some samples tonight?" (tonight?)

There was no pause.

YES, YES! Why of course, YES!

Then the guerilla crafting session began - they had to be all different and I was not sure which ones would make the cut.

I am so excited to share that these are the cards that will be included in a hospital scene for a teenage girl (Season 4/ Episode 11) for the Lifetime series, Drop Dead Diva!

I apologize for the poor camera pics.  I was using the camera on my phone at night and texting them as they were produced.

I am starting to get an idea about how the filming industry ebbs and flows. (like a rollercoaster?)

Again, another phone call.

Friend:  "Can you hem some curtain panels for a scene?"
Me: "Sure, what do you need?"
Friend: "45 panels by this time tomorrow"

Oh yes, that feeling in the pit of your stomach.  (Can I do this?)

I mustered all of my faith and said YES.

The much anticipated show Craft Wars would have to wait.  (Alex gave me the play-by-play during the commericals).  I was in the midst of war myself - guerilla crafting, on a deadline.

24 hours later I am proud to say I did it. (I still can't believe I sewed all of those panels - holy cow!)

In the season finale of Drop Dead Diva there will be a wedding scene with lots of flowing panels.  And, somewhere out there, will be a girl with a bubbly heart full of pride.

Thank you for stopping by sweet sugahs!

xo ~ Heidi

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dig, sometimes archaeological, sometimes not

Organizing my craft space always produces old finds which can seem new, depending on how long it has been since I opened that box or drawer, ha.

While fluffing my crafty nest, I rediscovered some baubles and beads.

After some wire bending, thinking, bead mixing and thinking some more, I repurposed some old charms and treasured beads into a new sparkly.

I love the green peacock czech beads and freshwater pearls.

Digging more, I came across a strand of icy pale green jade I had been saving for a special project.
Yes, just like swatches of paper or fabric, I have beads that I like to pet and put back in the drawer.

Not today.

Today, I was bent (pun intended) to actually use what I love.

A repurposed cross, mother of pearl, czech glass, swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls later ~

Voila!  A new treasure to enjoy.

I have these pretties listed in my etsy shoppette.

Are you up for a challenge?

Today, tomorrow, this week - YOU decide

Take one favorite thing out of your stash - USE it, LOVE it, CELEBRATE it!


Leave a comment to let me know what you are pulling out of your bag of tricks and treasures.
I love to see what other people are making/doing/treasuring.
There is so much beauty out there - everyone has something special to share.

Thanks for stopping by sugahs!
xo ~ Heidi

Friday, June 22, 2012

The head or HEART of junkin'?

When you go junkin', do you buy with your heart, head or both?

Definitely both for me.  Sometimes I have a specific need in mind.  Then something really charming comes along and just sweeps me off of my feet, lol.

On a recent junkin' outing, I found a creamy pottery vase, a tattered book of poems, well loved crochet napkins, a darling pearl pin and a vintage jewelry box.

The tattered book of poems ~ that was the heart charmer.
The colors, the title - I love its aged beauty.

The crochet napkins were somewhere in between the functional and heart strings purchase.  I like to use cloth napkins (less paper we have to buy).  It makes me giggle when friends and my kids' friends come over and ask "Can we really use these? You don't mind?"
Why not enjoy the good things in life, eh?  They are only napkins after all.

Isn't this pearl pin sweet?!
I thought this would make a lovely component to a repurposed jewelry piece.
It is going straight into the vintage Miele jewelry box.
Old jewelry boxes can be fun, decorative storage.  And for what some plastic or cardboard storage costs these days - the vintage type is both cute and functional.

Functional or heartfelt - such happy finds lately!
What are your favorite finds?

Thanks for stopping by!
xo ~ Heidi