Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drop Dead Diva props

When you least expect it, interesting opportunities pop up.

Such as it was one afternoon - a phone call from a friend, something like this . . .

"I need some very simple handmade cards for a movie prop. Can you make me some samples tonight?" (tonight?)

There was no pause.

YES, YES! Why of course, YES!

Then the guerilla crafting session began - they had to be all different and I was not sure which ones would make the cut.

I am so excited to share that these are the cards that will be included in a hospital scene for a teenage girl (Season 4/ Episode 11) for the Lifetime series, Drop Dead Diva!

I apologize for the poor camera pics.  I was using the camera on my phone at night and texting them as they were produced.

I am starting to get an idea about how the filming industry ebbs and flows. (like a rollercoaster?)

Again, another phone call.

Friend:  "Can you hem some curtain panels for a scene?"
Me: "Sure, what do you need?"
Friend: "45 panels by this time tomorrow"

Oh yes, that feeling in the pit of your stomach.  (Can I do this?)

I mustered all of my faith and said YES.

The much anticipated show Craft Wars would have to wait.  (Alex gave me the play-by-play during the commericals).  I was in the midst of war myself - guerilla crafting, on a deadline.

24 hours later I am proud to say I did it. (I still can't believe I sewed all of those panels - holy cow!)

In the season finale of Drop Dead Diva there will be a wedding scene with lots of flowing panels.  And, somewhere out there, will be a girl with a bubbly heart full of pride.

Thank you for stopping by sweet sugahs!

xo ~ Heidi


Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Sugah, of course you said YES! How thrilling to be asked, and so thoughtful of your friend to give you advance notice! ; ). You commented on my toilet paper album; I did learn a couple useful tips, so when you take the TP plunge, give me a shout and I'll share. Charlotte

Tracy Boyle said...

So excited for you friend!!!!