Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A soft spot for hardware

When I am looking for hardware bits, patina is one of the characteristics that captivates me the most.
Even though there are many products on the market which can alter or enhance patina, finding a piece of hardware with decades of authentic patina developed onto it holds its own special magic.

These are some of the interesting bits of hardware I found on a recent antiquing trip here.  The shop had bins, boxes and trays full of hardware treasure.

I went looking with the intent on finding fresh vintage components for jewelry making.  However, some might eventually be used in other repurposing projects.

Check out the oxidation and style of this keyhole plate.
Isn't it grand?  I don't think I will change the patina a bit.
The one to right definitely needs some cleaning so it might be a fun piece to experiment with painting and altering.

I love the bits of paint on some of the pieces.  
For the pieces which have peeling paint, I like to give them a gentle cleaning and use Krylon matte sealer to protect as much of the original patina as I can.

A quick share of the simple vignette I made using the cabinet card found in the above referenced post.
I am still tinkering with it so I am not sure this is how it will stay for now.
That is the fun of it, isn't it? :-)

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xo ~ Heidi

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Josephine assemblage necklace

The Josephine assemblage necklace was a fun piece to work on.
Some of my favorite materials were used - amazonite, freshwater pearls and vintage beads.
The focal piece is a beautiful rhinestone brooch (pin hardware still intact) with a pale blue czech glass bead, rhinestone rhondelle and vintage, repurposed Miriam Haskell pearl.

Bits of smoky quartz, milk glass, freshwater pearl, glass pearls, amazonite and crystal make a magical mix.

Approximately 22 inches long, brooch dangle 3 inches long.
Romantic for winter soirees or springtime gatherings, it is listed for sale here.

Thank you for stopping by! ~ xo Heidi

Monday, February 10, 2014

Unplanned plans

Recently, my sweetheart and I went for a day of junking and antiquing.  We had no particular plans other than to have a day open to no plans. Whatsoever.
This may sound pretty mundane.
Gloriously, yes it was.
In the hustle and bustle of life, a day with nothing on the calendar except an open road, hand in hand and full tank of gas is heavenly.
I am very blessed to have a husband who loves antiquing as much as I do.  We like vastly different things and lookout for items the other may enjoy.
Here are a few things which I decided to take home that day:
First, was a simple etched perfume bottle.
I have seen interesting jewelry made from vintage perfume bottles.
This one has potential for such a project.  Whether or not it does is no matter.  I love its simple style.

Second, the lace doilies under the bottle where lovely enough but the nifty price and unique pattern sold it for me.

Third, a milk glass Watkins jar.  I am not sure what this vessel held.  Face cream, pantry items??
Anyone know?
It was the etched lid that really captivated me.
So begins its new home with my other milk glass pieces.
Lastly, a cabinet card of a young lady with very soulful eyes.
It is always interesting to look at cabinet cards and note the fashion, jewelry and hair styles of the period. 
What do those things tell you about that moment frozen in time?  Was it a wedding, a funeral, a graduation or an everyday family gathering?
One may never know but it is interesting to think about.

I picked up a few more smaller items for jewelry and junky projects which I will share soon.

Sending good junkin' mojo to all of my fellow junkers out there!
Thank you for visiting! ~ xo Heidi

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Calendar Dress Up, Marie style

Starting the new year means getting a fresh calendar, new pens and accoutrements.
I have a thing for office products haha, moving on . . .
  A new calendar that is "the one" is always hard to find. I love a vintage look. (I bet you've guessed that by now).  The usual office supply stores never seem to have that perfect blend of modern function with a vintage form that I seek.
What is a girl to do?
I decided purchase a calendar that had the modern function I like and add a pretty frock for it.
A little costuming and refinery upcycle - even calendars can have those.
A simple book cover out of an oatmeal linen became my foundation.  I recommend using a fabric that is a bit sturdy and not too flimsy. I tend to toss around my calendar and other daily items a great deal so nothing too delicate. 

Gathering scraps of lace and doilies, I began to stitching my collage.  I am not fussy about the condition of some of the laces.  Torn, tattered and a stain here and there only added to the charm of the collage for me.  An image of Marie Antoinette printed on cotton became the centerpiece with a little scrap of cotton lace as a frame.

Without a doubt, I wanted to incorporate some sumptuous light blue velvet from my stash.
You gotta use it sometime right?  At least for very special projects.
It was relaxing and fun to add some decorative stitches and mother of pearl buttons to it too!

Being a tactile person, I have really enjoyed using this calendar everyday.
Even if you don't find a calendar to suit your style, you can make it your own.
Fabric, paint, beading, collaging - whatever speaks to you - do it!

Thank you for stopping by friends!
Have a beautiful day! ~ xo Heidi