Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shaping up and paper love

This year I have been more devoted to making better lifestyle choices like exercising and a swapping out junky foods for healthy ones.

Life is busy.  I get distracted (yes, really, it's true).  Sometimes I need to refocus or up my game.

Rhonna Farrar has kicked off a new Six Week Shape Up challenge.  What could you commit to for six weeks that would be better for you?  Me - FOCUS.  Really commit to walking the walk of a healthier me.

Rhonna has such wonderful artwork on her blog to motivate us toward our goal.  I decided to take her challenge and create a healthy lifestyle journal to help keep me accountable.

This process has helped me discover that having something pretty to work with helps the chronically distracted (me) to be aware and joyful about journaling.

(inside front cover)

There are times when my "healthy" day does not go perfectly.  Again, life can get in the way.
What is important is that I keep going, keep moving to being a healthier me.

I am proud to say I no longer need high blood pressure medicine.
I have traded that expense for a gym membership, happily.

(inside back cover) 

Friends, if I can do this . . . you CAN do this!!
We have everything we need in us to do it.
Expect miracles . . . they happen every day.

On a different note, I wanted to share some vintage paper finds I have picked up lately.
Are you as smitten with vintage paper and ephemera as I am?
It is a love/hate thing.  I love to use it but I hate to use it too because I love to hoard it, lol.

Vintage bingo cards - love the colors!
Can you see a patriotic mixed media piece done with the blue or red ones?

Alphabet Flash cards.
The graphics on these are awesome!!
I especially love the bees and the queen.
{hmm, queen bee, be queen}
I told you I get distracted.

More alphabet flash card goodness.  ;-)

I also blog for Liz at Cydney's Alley in Senoia, GA.
While working on a recent project, Liz received a package of German scrap.
When she opened the box, the sparkle of glitter and the lush vibrancy of color grabbed my eye.
The word barter immediately entered my mind.

"Why yes, Liz, I would LOVE to barter with you!"
Done!  She nestled my package in her signature black bag with lime green polka dot tissue.
I love Liz. Purveyor of fine junktiques, she totally gets my love for anything vintage and divine quirky.

Aren't these parrots awesome?!
I wish I could effectively show how vibrant and sprinkled with glitter these die cuts are.

Cute toads of summer and spring.

So glad you stopped by sweet friends!
I hope you have a wonderful week!
 xo's ~ Heidi

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Valentine Swap

Danielle from The Vintage Dragonfly  recently hosted a Vintage Valentine swap.
How fun to pull out some of my favorite things for this one! Danielle asked us to use soft colors.  Dove grey has been very inspiring to me lately so I paired it with pale pink.  I especially liked using the blush pink fabric from a dress my daughter has long since outgrown as part of the ruffle. 
Here is the vintage valentine heart I made.

I loved working on this project!
Using many elements of my favorite things, such as, crepe paper, dresden scrap, trims and german glass glitter, I had a fun time playing with paper.

I also decorated the back with a few laces and baubles.

Treat bags filled with stamped ribbons, paper treats and other goodies to be sent to my swap partners.

How many of you get giddy when your postal carrier delivers a box?
(yes, I was giddy ;-), especially when I saw the box was from Danielle!)

I was over the top giddy when I opened the package to find a vintage valentine made by Danielle!

Paper awesomeness!!

The layers of vintage papers, tinsel trim, crepe paper and lace are so beautiful!

My favorite part is the sweet dove she tea stained and bejeweled.
Thank you Danielle!  I will treasure this always!

I was so excited to receive such fun and wonderful treat bags from my talented swap partners!:

Thank you ladies for all of the goodies and treasures!

Thanks for stopping by - wishing you a great week my sweets!
xo's ~ Heidi

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweet hearted friends

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are cherished moments when we can pause and soak in a few moments with friends who nourish our soul and bring joy to our hearts.

One such dear friend is Rosalyn-Sue Smith.
She is one of the most caring, sweet and kind-hearted women I know.

We recently caught up with each other for a visit (we had not seen each other since before Christmas).
What a surprise when Rosalyn-Sue gave me this handmade stocking filled with goodies!
I love the sun washed, cottage style fabrics she chose - so beautiful!

Then, I opened a cherub box only to reveal a handmade desk folio.
I know I gasped out loud.

I love the sweet vintage button and delicate ribbon.

Look at the inside!
A shabbilicious pen, romantic notecards and a notepad.
I just want to perch it on my desk and swoon over it!

Thank you RS for such sweet gifts!
Your friendship is the sweetest gift of all.

xxoo ~ Heidi

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sister of the heart

As a kid, I was only in Girl Scouts one or two years.  I don't remember much about it but I do remember the retro uniform and beanie cap.
As an adult, I have loved being a troop leader for my daughter and all of the sweet little girls in our troop.
It has been fun to live vicariously through these girls all of the fun things Girl Scouts have the opportunity to do.  Crafts, sports, making s'mores, adventure, friendships (young and old), serving our community - I enjoy it all.

One of the lines of the Girl Scout law is to be a sister to every Girl Scout.

(photo courtesy here)

I have some sisters outside of Girl Scouts -  my girlfriends!

One such friend was not in Girl Scouts but was in 4H when she was a little girl.
Her sons are now in 4H too.

Are you seeing a pattern here?
Life always seems to come full circle.

Andrea and I are definitely sisters of the heart.
We love our family, anything handmade, antiques and the well worn.

What a surprise I received from her!

Vintage Girl Scout buttons!
When I opened her card and saw these sweet buttons my heart skipped a beat.

How precious and thoughtful - she is such dear friend, a sister of the heart.
It is funny how time and traditions bring people together.

It makes me realize how much we might all have in common and may not know it.
Sending you xo's my sisters! ~ Heidi