Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sister of the heart

As a kid, I was only in Girl Scouts one or two years.  I don't remember much about it but I do remember the retro uniform and beanie cap.
As an adult, I have loved being a troop leader for my daughter and all of the sweet little girls in our troop.
It has been fun to live vicariously through these girls all of the fun things Girl Scouts have the opportunity to do.  Crafts, sports, making s'mores, adventure, friendships (young and old), serving our community - I enjoy it all.

One of the lines of the Girl Scout law is to be a sister to every Girl Scout.

(photo courtesy here)

I have some sisters outside of Girl Scouts -  my girlfriends!

One such friend was not in Girl Scouts but was in 4H when she was a little girl.
Her sons are now in 4H too.

Are you seeing a pattern here?
Life always seems to come full circle.

Andrea and I are definitely sisters of the heart.
We love our family, anything handmade, antiques and the well worn.

What a surprise I received from her!

Vintage Girl Scout buttons!
When I opened her card and saw these sweet buttons my heart skipped a beat.

How precious and thoughtful - she is such dear friend, a sister of the heart.
It is funny how time and traditions bring people together.

It makes me realize how much we might all have in common and may not know it.
Sending you xo's my sisters! ~ Heidi


Ellen said...

What a sweet thoughtful friend. xoxo back to you!


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Was a Girl Scout for a time was and is a good thing! Sisters of the heart are very good things indeed (())

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what a sweet treasure! I remember Brownies and Girl Scouts well...and when my daughter was young was a leader for 4 years! I wish that I had all the crafty stuff they have out now for my troop! ahhhh! Thanks for the flash back! :)

sissie said...

Hello Heidi!
Reading about the girl scouts sure brings back sweet memories. I can remember those little beanie hats just like yesterday. I loved earning all of my badges and I think I still have some of them.


Denise said...

Very cute! I was a Girl Scout until it was embarassing. You know, that junior high age when EVERYTHING is embarassing. Love those buttons. I had my sash with all of the badges on it for years. I have no idea what might have happened to it.

Andrea said...

My dear, sweet friend, I am just now seeing your post. You made those little buttons looks so beautiful in the photos. I can't wait to see what wonderful things you will create with them someday. Love you much, my sister of the heart! XO