Thursday, January 27, 2011

The librarian's lament

Pull up chair, grab your fave beverage . . .
(I am having Diet Cherry Coke, love love love)

Do you ever notice that anything tastes better when sipped from a vintage glass?
The Dutch girl is one of my favorites.

What have you been up to?
And me?  I have been upcycling (torturing) some books.

I needed some decorative books but have not had time to go shopping for the right color.
(funny, but yes, I shop books for either content or decorative properties, I can't help it).

In the spirit of "getting things done", I decided to makeover my books with a swipe of the paintbrush.
Yeah, I could have just covered them with paper but I didn't want to go shopping for that either when I have a paint brush and paint right here.

Here is what I had to start with.
(not quite the look I was going for)

By the way, these are also my project books.
Project books?  Yes, the ones I . . . um . . . tear pages out of for any random project.
Have I mentioned I love storing art supplies in the open if I can make it look pretty?

Gesso, I love you.
Even though gesso is a prep medium, I love it as a paint.
(a little more toothy and rough)

I gessoed both books.
You will notice the gesso could not keep some of the dye in the red book from seeping through.
I don't mind though, I love pink! (this is more of a peachy pink)
As I am writing this post, a thought occurred to me.
You could stamp or paint words on the binding to coordinate with your decor.
Or for each season even.  Gesso, paint, repeat.

Much better, don't you think?

Wishing everyone a great week!
xo's ~ Heidi

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decisions, decisions . . .

A new year, a fresh nest!

I so enjoy all of the beautiful Wednesday Whites posts from Kathleen's blog Faded Charm and I am linking my winter whites there.
Stop by Faded Charm to see other dreamy white inspirations!

I am a textile junkie.  I don't know that there is a twelve step program for that.
I do love to use what I have in various projects though.
A moment of inspiration hit me ~ why not create some vignettes with vessels to hold the many laces and crochet pieces blossoming in my craft room?

Storage and decor all in one - I love that!

I gathered a few other things like this small bottle I found one day junkin' and an old watch face which I thought would be a cute nod to a Father Time and a new year.

Hmmm, what about a textile bouquet?
The vase is a thrift store find.
Some of crafty girls might like to receive a bouquet like this.
{you know I would ~ wink, wink!}

Cloche added, here is what I had so far.
Still, it looked like it needed a little more.
Hmmm, what to add, what to add?

More pretties?

The sweet brush I found in Linda's booth of Willow Nest Farm when they came to the Country Living Fair, HERE.
 I love its diminutive size and patina.

I received this sweet ornament from Cheryl in the post HERE.
I know its a Christmas ornament but it also makes a great winter ornament too!
The colors are soft and creamy vintage.

I have a strand of pearls that I bought from a friend who sells Silpada jewelry.
Why not include them?  Open yourself up to possibilities, anything outside the box ~ that is when magic can happen.
This is where it is so far ~ it is starting to look just right.

Cloche added, winter whites adored!

Speaking of adoration . . .
what fun valentine decorations are you smitten with?

Another storage and decor project.
I piled laces and crochet pieces into a glass jar.
{I love using my craft supplies as decor!}

*Librarians cover your ears.*

I cut a heart out of a random book I use for decorating and sandwiched it between the glass.
Then added a sepia picture of a woman.

As I am putting this together, I wonder, who was her first love?
What were the treasured moments in her life?
I think my love for antiques and vintage finds also comes from the stories and possibilities that are carried with them.

A large jar of buttons with a random valentine couple would be sweet too.
For now, I love the layers of crochet and lace with their dreamy whites this winter.
What are your favorite projects for the new year?

Thanks for stopping by sweet friends!
xo's ~ Heidi

Friday, January 7, 2011

Furbaby, spoiling served daily

Our eldest furbaby is a cat our kids named Bradley (it's an army tank thing).
He came into our lives as a stray 6 years ago and won our hearts from day one.

This is no ordinary cat.
In fact, he thinks he is a dog.  His furbaby dog brothers and sister don't think he is a cat either.
This special kitty seeks out his people for affection, begs actually, likes to be cradled and will wrap his arms around you as you hold him.
It is the darndest thing you have ever seen.

Of course, his peeps (William and Alexandra) are happy to oblige him with affection and carry him on their daily adventures.

This boy has the good life.  Really good.
He knows how to wrap everyone around his paw.
He will even use his charm on some of us {cough, cough} to slip him a bit of his favorite scrambled eggs or chicken.  {theory, not proven in a court of law or anything}

We are blessed he came into our lives as one of the most unordinary {extraordinary} furbabies we have had.
Yep, spoiling is served daily here!

Thanks for stopping by sweet friends!
xo's ~ Heidi

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shabby Sweet Sunbonnet Sue

Shabby sweet Sunbonnet Sue stocking!
{say that 5 times fast}

This is the adorable Sunbonnet Sue stocking I received from Cheryl for Joli Paquet's Vintage Stocking swap!
I was blown away by the sunwashed colors and delicate details!  Cheryl has a way of using infusing enchantment into her beautiful creations.

Vintage millinery with a touch of glitter - I think she is trying to make me swoon.

I just love the sweet basket charm she sewed to Sunbonnet Sue's hand!

A sweet rosette with the right amount of bling

I love the layers of lace and taupe pearls droplets - just smitten with the peachy pink roses!
This will be so sweet hanging in my craft room to store vintage paper treats or lace scraps.

As if that didn't drop me to the floor like a feather, Cheryl also included more treasures that made my heart skip a beat, or two, or three, or four.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I was touched by all of the wonderful treasures Cheryl sent.
It was as if she knew exacty what would make my heart go pitter patter.
She REALLY spoiled me - I will not be the same, I will not I tell you! 
 An adorned burlap sack filled to the brim with precious paper treats, ornaments and beloved baubles.

A shabbilicious cuff with soft crochet lace and rosettes.

Here is another pic of the adorned burlap sack.
Isn't the vintage pin with creamy bead the cat's pa-jams?
And hand dyed lace too people! It makes smile just to look at it!

Lucious trims, millinery, crochet pinned with blingy pearl pins on a vintage bobbin.
Oh, gosh!  Let me just lay my cheek against it and sigh.

Shut - the -  front - door!
Isn't this the cutest container for treats?!
Let's take a look inside . . .

A sweet cherub {Cheryl}, vintage wallpaper treats, a sweet looking glass with ribbon and more enchanting baubles!

She must have known she would make me faint.
- a bag filled with vintage millinery complete with clip on earring as a closure.
Then the most adorable ornament in creamy colors and silk ribbon.
{Yep, I fainted, hit the floor in a vintage treat induced coma}

Mr. Glittery Reindeer with millinery won my heart.
Rolls of vintage wallpaper tied with ribbon and a sweet wedding bell.

Cheryl, I cannot thank you enough for such thoughtful and dear treasures.
I adore my stocking and your sweet heart that you put into everything!

Thank you for stopping by to visit sweet friends!
xo's ~ Heidi