Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Warmth

We have had some beautiful winter moments lately here in Georgia. Normally, it doesn't snow here much. Here is a pic my hubby took on our most recent snow day.

While indoors, I have been fluffing my nest a little. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend {despite the snow here, lol!}
Many years ago, Wendy at Ms. Wendy's Antiques gave my kids a mercury glass heart ornament for them to give to me. Only Wendy can think of a way to give the gift of love, twice. She has the most giving heart of any person I know.
I decided to use the mercury heart tied with a vintage pink velvet ribbon in my cloche. Lately, I have been smitten with aqua. The vase in the cloche is one of my favorites.
In the spirit of the season of love, I took one of my vintage postcards out of the stash to display. It is hard to see, but the doves and hearts are flocked. While this is not a Valentine's postcard, it has a romantic feel to it that is so sweet.

Welcome from Ms. Madeline. She is the dress form in my foyer, welcoming all of our guests with her vintage charm. {see her rhinestone tiara?}

I love vintage clothing. The blouse she is wearing is very old. I think it is Victorian but I am not positive. It has a sheer gauze-like texture, all hand-made and very fragile.

Here is an up close look of the embroidery ~ amazing!

I am thinking of coating Ms. Madeline with some gesso and some other goodies to give her a facelift.

I hope you have a warm and wonderful week Sugah!
xo's ~ Heidi

Friday, February 12, 2010

New blog I found ~ Tarnished and Tattered!

If you are a vintage loving girl like myself, you will be smitten with this blog! Check out Lisa's giveaway below ~ isn't it dreamy!

See soon Sugah!
xo's Heidi

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I {heart} handmade

I am taking a departure from crafts today to share with fellow foodies. But, not a departure from handmade. Recently, I discovered a wonderful website . . . Foodzie is to food what Etsy is to crafts. Think small business . . . handcrafted . . . packaged with care.
I have a dear friend, Maryann, who is the best baker I have ever met and a die hard foodie. Everything from her kitchen is made with love. Maryann this post is for you.
Provence de Chevre

Adams farm is a local farm near my home. I feel blessed to have a local farmer to buy from and feed my family. Check out your local farmers. They are very knowledgeable and put their hands and heart into their craft as many artists do.
Six Seed Organic Crackers

Maple Honey Caramel Spread
{I can't even say that without smiling, lol!}

Check out foodzie and let me know what you think. Have a great day!

xo's ~ Heidi

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Valentine Goodies

Here are the goodies I received from my swap partners participating in Heather's Valentine Inspiration Box swap. {Thank you Heather for hosting such a fun event!}
This velvet beauty is from Cheryl Crow. It reminds me of a lavish box of chocolates {decadent and romantic}.

Cheryl wanted to give us a flavor of the California coast. Enclosed was a special treat of salt water taffy and sea shells. {How did you know I love sea shells!} The tiny bottle of seashells is going on my desk Cheryl!

Sweet scraps {pink poodle is going in my kitchen}

Peek at the interior

A vintage girl's candy store ~ bling, trim, paper, oh my!

It was very thoughtful of Cheryl to include a "peachy" valentine. This Georgia girl thinks that is such a sweet gift.

I love Pamela's sweet details on her box {crochet flower, vintage lace, button drawer - yummy!}

I can't tell you how exciting it was to open it! Remember when you were a kid who still believed in Santa Claus ~ just like that ~ magical.

Oh my! So many pretties! See that small key on the lower left hand side? Love it sewn to one of the felt hearts.

Love the vintage flower trim. Sparkly brooch ~ you may have to be Ms. Madeline's {my dress form} next adornment.

Thank you for all of my goodies Pamela! They get my muse ignited for vintage Valentine fun.
Sweet LiLi sent the most adorable tag on her box.
I loved how she used a flower petal to make the skirt.
Such a sweet and dear image.

A peek a the goodies waiting inside . . . .

I love the little bird and key.

I love how you used tatting bobbins to store the yummy trims.

Paper and dresden trims make a girl swoon ~ thank you LiLi!

What is this sweet trinket I have spied? Is that a thimble attached?

It is the most adorable and compact sewing kit ~ how sweet! I did not discover this until later but if you unscrew the end of the spools, a compartment for your needles is revealed. I wish we had sewing kits this sweet here in the states.
Thank my Sugahs for such sweet and thoughtful gifts!
xo's ~ Heidi