Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Valentine Goodies

Here are the goodies I received from my swap partners participating in Heather's Valentine Inspiration Box swap. {Thank you Heather for hosting such a fun event!}
This velvet beauty is from Cheryl Crow. It reminds me of a lavish box of chocolates {decadent and romantic}.

Cheryl wanted to give us a flavor of the California coast. Enclosed was a special treat of salt water taffy and sea shells. {How did you know I love sea shells!} The tiny bottle of seashells is going on my desk Cheryl!

Sweet scraps {pink poodle is going in my kitchen}

Peek at the interior

A vintage girl's candy store ~ bling, trim, paper, oh my!

It was very thoughtful of Cheryl to include a "peachy" valentine. This Georgia girl thinks that is such a sweet gift.

I love Pamela's sweet details on her box {crochet flower, vintage lace, button drawer - yummy!}

I can't tell you how exciting it was to open it! Remember when you were a kid who still believed in Santa Claus ~ just like that ~ magical.

Oh my! So many pretties! See that small key on the lower left hand side? Love it sewn to one of the felt hearts.

Love the vintage flower trim. Sparkly brooch ~ you may have to be Ms. Madeline's {my dress form} next adornment.

Thank you for all of my goodies Pamela! They get my muse ignited for vintage Valentine fun.
Sweet LiLi sent the most adorable tag on her box.
I loved how she used a flower petal to make the skirt.
Such a sweet and dear image.

A peek a the goodies waiting inside . . . .

I love the little bird and key.

I love how you used tatting bobbins to store the yummy trims.

Paper and dresden trims make a girl swoon ~ thank you LiLi!

What is this sweet trinket I have spied? Is that a thimble attached?

It is the most adorable and compact sewing kit ~ how sweet! I did not discover this until later but if you unscrew the end of the spools, a compartment for your needles is revealed. I wish we had sewing kits this sweet here in the states.
Thank my Sugahs for such sweet and thoughtful gifts!
xo's ~ Heidi


LiLi M. said...

Ohhh I loved this swap! Though I got very nervous when I discovered that my box was smaller than the American, one should think that globalization covered that! I was so happy with all the gifts. I am happy that you liked mine too. One thing: your dol on the tag lost the top of her dress; there should be a tiny red heart glued on her chest (obviously not glued well). I'll show you here:
If you cannot find the small heart, I'll be happy to send you one, just to make your little dolly decent ;-), just let me know!

Tracy Boyle said...

WHAT FUN!!! It's all so beautiful!

Pamela Jane said...

Heidi, this was such a fun swap with you! It was a delight opening your beautiful box and finding all the sweet treasures inside. So glad you enjoyed it, too!

Anonymous said...

Okay how do I get in on this Heidi? It looks so fun and lord only knows I have "stuff" I could fill a box with!!! Sure do miss you. BE BLESSED! Maryann