Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sugar Belles

The wonderful and inspiring leaders/instructors of our event: Christine Rose Elle, Jo Packham of Where Women Create magazine, Jennifer Hayslip and Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon. Thank you for creating a magical and inspiring weekend for all us!

Shopping, Cupcakes and Art, Oh My!

This one is going to be a long post - there is so much good stuff to share - are you ready?
We started day 2 of the Parasols and Petticoats event shopping {kicking heels up to the side}. We went to the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) art gallery to shop for cool art and inspiration. I would say this is a must stop to see when you are in Savannah. So many talented artists out there - WOW!
I love different types of displays {it is hard to turn the working side of me off sometimes but I truly love what I do}. This one is of some hand crafted perfumes, soaps and candles. Olfactory heaven.

I love this mixed media cottage style art piece!
{have I ever said I am a textile junkie?, um, yes}

Then on to {swoon} The Paris Market

I love the way they mix vintage and modern pieces together. Andrea, sorry the coyote did not make it in this pic. I had the phone camera in one hand (made it to fb) and the nikon on the other (did not make it to fb). Loved all of the chandeliers!

This is the soda fountain where you can get some refreshments after a long day shop {which at the rate we were going, could have spent all day in this shop! was awesome!}. I think we all got back in the checkout line at least twice, some {cough} maybe three times. I'm just sayin'.

Neat bottles - could make for some interesting art too.

Wendy, this pic is for you. Rustic meets worldly. I love all of the different textures and eye candy in a relaxing neutral palette.

One of my faves! Ok Rachel, give me a heads up if you are bidding on one of these on ebay. Otherwise, I will be scoping out the antique vendor circuit and maybe we can trade R's and H's, te he he. This was their Tokyomilk display. Fortunately, we sell Tokyomilk in our store so I was not too tempted to purchase these goodies (just their props!)

Caldera display - love the wire number baskets on the bottom

For my stamp girls, like Tracy, I took this shot of their vintage stamps. So uber cool!

Did I mention they have two floors? Always check the basement folks - sometimes that is where the treasure is. Sherry, Elise and Robin were having a good time with us going through boxes of old photos. So many neat cabinet cards, photos and ephemera. We could have spent hours just in that 6 x 9 foot space.

Neat wood chandeliers --- Wendy, these remind me of you!

Honey, can we talk about some honey? We happened upon this neat honey store. I loved the honey stacked in the window - so pretty with light coming through.

I love their sign! Reminds me of something Tim Holtz inspired - girl, love me some Tim Holtz. If Tim Holtz met Anna Griffin, that would be something I would like. A little grundge on my brocade you know.

Nourish is a cool soap store we visited (same street as The Paris Market and Gifts From the Hive). Loved the ladies in this store and their displays.
Can I just say, I really, really, wanted this sweet chippy, shabby desk.

A place for splish splashin'

Love the natural sponges in the old Bavarian floral bowl. If you would like a pretty bowl like this for some of your bathing potions, we have some at Ms. Wendy's.

Girls, don't you just love these fizzy confections?! Bath candy I tell you!

I think my Girl Scout troop would have a fit if I did not visit the Juliette Gordon Low house. No worries, I really wanted to go. She was such an interesting, inspiring and talented person.
Check out the neat ironwork gate with the Girl Scout logo on it.

Her childhoold home - beautiful inside and out. All of the colors used in the home were true to period and inspiring as color palettes.

Later in the evening, Jenn put on the most fabulous vendor fare/bakery party at Back In The Day bakery. The evening was magical and festive.

Cuz you know I love chandeliers and sparkle

I loved all of the artwork by the talented Jenny Heid in the bakery (even the cupcakes themselves -they are artfully made)

Loved the feel of the leader board and the counter - I am just weird that way you know. Camera in hand, pics in heart, ha!

I {heart} this sign. (another Jenny Heid piece!) It truly exudes the nostalgia and coolio-ness (yes, it is a heidi word) of the shop.

These cupcakes are over the top. You can really taste the butter in the buttercream frosting. Charlene bought a few for us to nosh on over the weekend. Thank you sweet Charlene - I am glad you took care of our sugar fix!

I loved their retro foodie mobile

A good time being had by everyone!

decisions, decisions

Such pretty ladies - they are pretty from the inside out.
Thank all of you for such a wonderful, memorable, unforgettable weekend.
{kiss, kiss noises}
Thanks for hanging in this long, Sugah. I hope you enjoyed all of the eye candy I could offer.
Stay tuned for our day of crafting at the Ford Plantation.
XO's, Heidi

Monday, April 26, 2010

Southern Belles and Sugar Bars

Welcome night at Petticoatsa and Parasols. Jennifer put together a magical evening that any Southern Belle would be delighted to attend. Every detail was thoughtfully arranged so that we might have the best time ever . . . and, yes ma'am, we did!

Our tables, bedecked with southern finery

Meeting sweet Christine Rose Elle was a joy. We both are smitten with vintage textiles! It was so much fun to have her as an instructor for one of our beautiful classes. Tiffany, I am so sorry I did not get a pic with you on this night. I was bedazzled by the magic of the evening, lol! Tiffany was the photographer for our event. Be sure to visit her site, She does amazing work! Not only was she the photographer but also one of our incredible instructors. (I will post pics of those projects soon!)

My sweet roomie, Charlene, with the amazing Jo Packham. Jo, our guest speaker, was such an inspiration to all of us. She was so encouraging - no matter what obstacles we face, we should keep going, keep reaching for our dreams. "My Hell!", that is darn good advice.

Rosalyn-Sue out did herself with such a phenomenal sugar bar. Oh my sugah, it was fab!
Old fashioned candies and home made goodies - as sweet as Rosalyn-Sue herself.

A sweet bookmark from Jo

{SWOON} - - the goodie bags and swaps! Eeep!

And ladies, this was only the beginning . . .
(more to follow)
xo's Sugah! Heidi

Create day at the Ford Plantation

Create Day is here! Yay!
I had been looking forward to Create day of the Ford Plantation for a long time.
What a beautiful and inspiring venue to create in.
This is a pic from the back. Forgive me but I was so excited when we came in the front door that I forgot to snap a pic before I walked in.

We were nestled on the lawn under the cover of beautiful moss covered trees, overlooking a lowland river in the back. It was as breathtaking and romantic as ever.

Courtyard garden

A sweet southern belle to greet us.

I know Jenn was disappointed it rained. But really, I did not even notice it - I was too excited about everything else. Coming from a southern girl, it was raindrops on roses - just beautiful.

Jenn, Christine and Tiffany were so kind to bring some yummy bits to share for making our projects. You can see the examples of our projects - a parasol fit for a southern princess, dress forms for your inner diva and a gorgeous silhouette collage. I could not wait to get started!

The talented Christine Rose Elle teaching us how to tap into our muse. I regret I did not get pics of my other fabulous instructors. I was so enveloped in the projects that time stood still until it was time for us to depart.

There were so many beautiful dress forms - I wish I had taken a picture of each and every one.

This one is of Rosalyn-Sue's. I love the way she used her grandmother's millinery collection on her dress form. It was gorgeous!

This one is Amada's. I love her sweet bird theme!

I think the brown one is Jodie's but I am not sure who the pink and aqua one is. If you know, give me a shout out so I can give them props.

This one is mine. She is a bit of a tattered vintage girl.

Next, Jenn showed us how to make our parasols. (thank you Ronda for letting me snag this pic!) I had fun playing with different trims and making fabric roses.

Finally, we made our silhouettes. This project was very challenging for me. Don't get me wrong - I LOOOVE paper and textiles. But, that was the problem. I "collect" lots of pretties without having to cut {gasp} or glue them onto anything.

I decided to dig deep and use some of the things I had been holding onto for a long time. The pink rose in the corner was from a dress my daughter has long since outgrown. The millinery bits were from various friends and swaps. The old quilt yo-yo was from a vintage sewing stash my brother gave me. The rhinestones are one of my favorite embellishments.

So really, this project was more about letting go of the collecting and getting on with using what I have so I can really enjoy it.

Jenn, I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful event. I will treasure the friendships and memories forever.

xo's Sugahs, Heidi