Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Funky Junk Sisters Giveaway!

I love following the Funky Junk Sisters on the expeditions for good junk!

Check out their AWESOME giveaway made by Heather Hansen . . . .

a junk inspired pendant {yummy!}

 or one of their fab junky tank tops!

Give away ends Sunday night!

Good luck all of my Sugahs!
xo's Heidi

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thrift store therapy

I think my kids have come to love thrift and antique stores as much as I do!
{especially my son, William}  He is always happy to join me on the hunt for cool treasures.  I love that he appreciates things that have a history and the people who owned them.

It has been a fun summer doing all the things we love - including some thrift store therapy!
Here are some finds on a recent junkin' jaunt to various thrift stores.

This is my first piece of jadeite - a simple square dish.  I am not sure what I am going to use this sweet one for yet.  I love all of the sewing bits!

Check out the french gentleman toothpick holder.  I am definitely using him to store my corsage pins!
The architectural salvage bullseye was pretty neat too!  It makes the perfect base for a glass cloche with whatever treasure you want to display underneath.

Shabby sweet rose dishes with Japan figurine

Hobnail milk glass lamp {swoon!}, crochet potholders and HULL vase {picked for $3!}  I love finding such wonderful deals!

This pic does not do justice for the brilliant blue of these crinkle patent slingback flats.  The best part - they are brand new and never worn!!

La Mode picture.  I guess you could say I am becoming a collector of these.  I have a few in my bathroom.  Something about vintage fashion is so inspiring to me.
{I am thinking of painting the frame white}

This old Rx bottle is the perfect canvas for an embellished bottle project.  I have been collecting a few of these for one of those girlfriend craft sessions.

I would love to hear about your favorite thrift store finds!
See you on the junkin' trail Sugah!

xo's Heidi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mod Podge Does Rock!

If you have not visited, you must!

We purchased some simple mannequins for a clothing display at Ms. Wendy's Antiques.  Of course, we wanted ours to be vintage inspired and eclectic.  With some Mod Podge inspiration, we decided to mod podge some patterns and crochet pieces onto the mannequins.

Here is how they turned out ~ ~ ~

For a little vintage necklace, I dipped a crochet piece in regular matte mod podge, squeezed out the excess, placed it where I wanted it and added more mod podge to hold it in place.

If I had a tattoo, it would probably be a funky piece of crochet or a cherub, lol!

What do you think?

Look HERE for more inspiring mod podge projects.  The Mod Podge website is an awesome resource!

Have fun my Sugahs!  xo's Heidi

Monday, June 7, 2010

From my swap partner Kelly

Thank you Kelly for all of the treasures - I love them all!

Here is the sweet wedding photo from my swap partner Kelly.  I love the glasses on the bride and the joyous way they are looking at each other.  So cute!

Here is some ephemera Kelly found at an estate sale.  Don't you love the pastel map colors?  I am thinking of some neat projects to use with it.  I love that she wrapped the package in a crochet doily.  Vintage paper and fabrics - two of my favorites!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wristlet Kelly made out of sweet birdie and polka dot fabric!!

My sweet cherub Alex holding up the darling baby gown Kelly sent.  Kelly, this gown was just precious!

Vintage pillowcase and quilt block - more yummy project inspiration

I had to share some of the sweet details of the baby gown. 

And the back - isn't it so sweet!

Kelly, I love the vintage girly pin you made!! 

Kelly's treasure box of goodies

Thank you for all of the sweet gifts Kelly!!
This has been a fun swap!

xo's Sugahs, Heidi

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vintage Wedding Reveal

One of the items included in Linda's swap was a old wedding photo.  This is one I had in my stash of old photos.  I love the proud smile of the groom and the neat wedding attire of the bride.  It makes me wonder what their families and traditions were like.

Something Old?  I picked a sweet cherry red straw bonnet for Ms. Kelly!  Maybe this was someone's hat they wore on their honeymoon.  I love Kelly's profile pic with her sassy vintage bonnet!

Tucked inside the hat is the key to each other's heart and a vintage hanky.

I love handmade things.  The hours of work reflected in the details.

I came across an old postcard I had to toss in.  Waiting patiently for such a special day to come.  I wonder if this lady ever said yes to this gentleman?

The Something New is a lucious, creamy bar of Tokyomilk soap, complete with sparkly packaging.  I thought a vintage hanky holder would be the perfect envelope for this treat.  Pinned to the top is a sweet brooch.

The Something Borrowed is my wedding birdie's nest.  What kind of nest did you say? . . . why a pair of vintage gloves wrapped in some lacy textiles, tied with a velvet ribbon and adorned with a sparkly bloom.

Wedding wishes from Ms. Birdie {she is coming for a visit too}

Complete with her own floral veil

Something Blue?  How about some dreamy blue crochet trim with sweet millinery?  Kelly, I see that you love to sew too . . . I thought this would be a sweet addition to your sewing stash!

Every wedding cake needs a little extra frosting so included a few extra goodies like buttons, seam binding, and millinery.

Here is the complete package.  Kelly, I hope you love it!  I had such fun putting something some vintage wedding magic.  HUGS  . . . Heidi

xo's Sugahs, Heidi

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We are all sisters of the heart

Having a blog has opened another facet of friendships for me.  One such friend, Karen DeCapite, of Some Days are Diamonds, has started an online sorority for us.  She has named it the Bloggerette Sorority!  So cute!!  Karen I am so thankful you are taking our sisterhood of online friends to a whole new level of fun!!

I have enjoyed everyone's stories . . . their ups and downs . . . the different chapters in their lives . . . the things that make your heart sing.  It is the giving of your heart that has enriched my life and quite certainly the lives of your other "sisters".

Please go to Karen's blog my sweet sister and join me in this fun journey . . . life is a sweet ride.

xo's Heidi