Monday, June 7, 2010

From my swap partner Kelly

Thank you Kelly for all of the treasures - I love them all!

Here is the sweet wedding photo from my swap partner Kelly.  I love the glasses on the bride and the joyous way they are looking at each other.  So cute!

Here is some ephemera Kelly found at an estate sale.  Don't you love the pastel map colors?  I am thinking of some neat projects to use with it.  I love that she wrapped the package in a crochet doily.  Vintage paper and fabrics - two of my favorites!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wristlet Kelly made out of sweet birdie and polka dot fabric!!

My sweet cherub Alex holding up the darling baby gown Kelly sent.  Kelly, this gown was just precious!

Vintage pillowcase and quilt block - more yummy project inspiration

I had to share some of the sweet details of the baby gown. 

And the back - isn't it so sweet!

Kelly, I love the vintage girly pin you made!! 

Kelly's treasure box of goodies

Thank you for all of the sweet gifts Kelly!!
This has been a fun swap!

xo's Sugahs, Heidi


Debby said...

What a fun swap, Heidi and so many beautiful treasures.

Charlene said...

What wonderful goodies you got. LOVE old wedding photos. Things sure have changed since those days haven't they? Miss Ya! Charlene

Charlene said...

Hey sweety it's me again. I just saw a post on Rosalyn Sue's blog & she had your picture there. Made me miss you more! And I am thrilled you guys are selling Magnolia Pearl. I have been wanting a pair of her pantaloons. Do you have them? And the $$$$$$ would be???? Send me an email. Good luck with the line. HUGS! Charlene