Monday, February 18, 2013

Glam goods, a new repurposed life

Always hunting for pieces to be used in new projects, I was strolling through a local antique store and spotted some interesting finds.
A simple band medal with the iconic state of Georgia shape caught my eye.
I would love to know the history/people behind this piece. What instrument did they play? What school did they go to? What memories did this medal hold for them?
What would they think if it was repurposed on a charm bracelet or on a necklace, a life outside a box or drawer?
The gold compact still has a mirror and makeup cake pan attached.
Once used for everyday glam, it now holds potential for a new life.
I have special plans for this one - with the makeup cake pan removed. ;)

One of the most interesting items was this small case. (approx 2" in length)

A little push of a spring revealed a teeny lipstick case.
On the reverse of the case is a beveled mirror.
Lipstick is no longer manufactured to fit such tiny cases.
However, with the help of a Dremel, I have created a hole in the top to begin it's new life as a jewelry component.
I love that the woman who wears it will have something both charming and functional.

Of course, I could not pass up a wonderfully priced jewelry box.
More economical than some of the plastic art bins, it will live a repurposed life as bit and bauble storage in my studio.

What fun finds have you come across lately?
Thank you for visiting! xo ~ Heidi