Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Warmth

We have had some beautiful winter moments lately here in Georgia. Normally, it doesn't snow here much. Here is a pic my hubby took on our most recent snow day.

While indoors, I have been fluffing my nest a little. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend {despite the snow here, lol!}
Many years ago, Wendy at Ms. Wendy's Antiques gave my kids a mercury glass heart ornament for them to give to me. Only Wendy can think of a way to give the gift of love, twice. She has the most giving heart of any person I know.
I decided to use the mercury heart tied with a vintage pink velvet ribbon in my cloche. Lately, I have been smitten with aqua. The vase in the cloche is one of my favorites.
In the spirit of the season of love, I took one of my vintage postcards out of the stash to display. It is hard to see, but the doves and hearts are flocked. While this is not a Valentine's postcard, it has a romantic feel to it that is so sweet.

Welcome from Ms. Madeline. She is the dress form in my foyer, welcoming all of our guests with her vintage charm. {see her rhinestone tiara?}

I love vintage clothing. The blouse she is wearing is very old. I think it is Victorian but I am not positive. It has a sheer gauze-like texture, all hand-made and very fragile.

Here is an up close look of the embroidery ~ amazing!

I am thinking of coating Ms. Madeline with some gesso and some other goodies to give her a facelift.

I hope you have a warm and wonderful week Sugah!
xo's ~ Heidi


Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Heidi!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog and blog name are wonderful! It's fun to visit here! I will be back!

I wish we were getting a bit more of your beautiful winter weather (I am sure I am the only So. Californian who wishes this)... it was in the high 70's today.

Have a wonderful night!

Tracy Boyle said...

I LOVE it honey! I just love looking at your blog. Tom;s photo of the tree is gorgeous!

Love you!


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

I am soooo happy we have finally warmed up ! Who would believe Georgia could get so cold...brrrrrr.
Savannah should be just beautiful in April.
Your dress form and blouse are gorgeous. Mine is wearing a black velvet evening gown...guess I should think about something else for spring LOL.