Thursday, January 27, 2011

The librarian's lament

Pull up chair, grab your fave beverage . . .
(I am having Diet Cherry Coke, love love love)

Do you ever notice that anything tastes better when sipped from a vintage glass?
The Dutch girl is one of my favorites.

What have you been up to?
And me?  I have been upcycling (torturing) some books.

I needed some decorative books but have not had time to go shopping for the right color.
(funny, but yes, I shop books for either content or decorative properties, I can't help it).

In the spirit of "getting things done", I decided to makeover my books with a swipe of the paintbrush.
Yeah, I could have just covered them with paper but I didn't want to go shopping for that either when I have a paint brush and paint right here.

Here is what I had to start with.
(not quite the look I was going for)

By the way, these are also my project books.
Project books?  Yes, the ones I . . . um . . . tear pages out of for any random project.
Have I mentioned I love storing art supplies in the open if I can make it look pretty?

Gesso, I love you.
Even though gesso is a prep medium, I love it as a paint.
(a little more toothy and rough)

I gessoed both books.
You will notice the gesso could not keep some of the dye in the red book from seeping through.
I don't mind though, I love pink! (this is more of a peachy pink)
As I am writing this post, a thought occurred to me.
You could stamp or paint words on the binding to coordinate with your decor.
Or for each season even.  Gesso, paint, repeat.

Much better, don't you think?

Wishing everyone a great week!
xo's ~ Heidi


Beth Leintz said...

Gesso + Books = Most excellent idea! said...

Sometimes the simplest make overs have the biggest impact. What a nice little project. And yes, pink over red any day!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

I looove gesso... if you don't want the color to bleed thru use some Kilz first....
I shop for books the same way, content and color :))


Heidi said...

Gessoed the books! Love it! "Gesso what?" I need to try this one! ~Heidi