Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forever flower garden

Vintage hats make me wonder about the fashions of yesteryear - the colors, styles and details
Their sweet blooms and faded colors inspire my creative muse.

I adore this little pale aqua number.
Don't gasp - I have already plucked some blooms for my friend Tracy at Creative Cure to use on a vintage wallpaper tag.   {I told you not to gasp}
  I can't wait until she posts the pic!  It is GORGEOUS!  I love the way she mixed different vintage elements colored in pale aqua with ecru and tan.

The blooms are so frothy - I love to craft with these.

The velvet violets on this one make me swoon. ;)
Sometimes it is hard for me to pluck the flowers but creating pretty things with them also make me happy.
{I am a fickle girl after all}

Couldn't you just imagine someone's sweet grandma wearing this one with her Sunday best and white gloves?

A bouquet of tempting taupe.

 Ooh those velvet berries are to die for!

This one I cannot pluck.  In fact, I may wear this one someday.
It's soft crushed rose is simply beautiful.

I supposed you can tell I have been picking this one over for a while.
(trying to hide some of the bald spots)

One of my favorite things about this hat is the velvet leaves.
{I guess by now you have figured out how much I love velvet roses and leaves, ha ha}

Is there an interesting art supply you love to craft with?  I would love to hear your favorites ladies!
Thanks to stopping by to visit ~ xo's ~ Heidi

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6 comments: said...

I LOVE your hats. I too collect and sell them. If they have lots of flowers I keep them whole. If they are not in good condition I take them apart and use them in my creating. They look perfect on just about anything:) Thanks for sharing yours.
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Angela said...

Your hats are adorable and perfect to keep out for spring and Easter.

sissie said...

Your hats are gorgeous and I couldn't bare to take them apart.
But at the same time, it would be fun to use the flowers for pretty projects.


Cozy Home Scenes said...

That pink hat is wonderful and makes me wish I could wear them. I love hats, but they look horrible on me. Enjoy your finds!

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh my goodness! Gorgeous-ness here!!! I would wear any of those little darlings. I used to have a black and white vintage hat collection from the 20's to 50's and for some reason I got rid of them. I have kept so much of my vintage goodies through the years so I'm not sure why I parted with them. Wish I had them now!

Have a great day!


Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Such gorgeous hats!! {sigh} Millinary flowers are just so beautiful!!