Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swamp Princess

My best friend informed me a while back that she was going to become a swamp princess.
My head whirling with images from the show Swamp People, I asked her what do you mean, exactly?

Her husband is taking command of the Army Ranger swamp school in FL.
Now I understand the meaning behind "swamp princess".  The proflic gators, snakes and spiders had me cringing just thinking about the natural wildlife surrounding miles and miles of this remote camp.

Being in the armed service also means supporting the families connected with your service.
My girlfriend had asked me if I could make some notepads with the ranger logo that she could give as gifts.
Of course, I was very happy to help not only her but make something special for the families that make sacrifices in ways we may not realize - all to protect what we hold dear.

The swamp school I mentioned is an elite ranger training camp in which the soldiers must endure harsh swamp conditions, sleep and food deprivation with the expectation that they must perform both mentally and physically, as expected of an elite soldier.  I only experienced the biting flies and ants while I had the honor of attending the change of command ceremony.  I cannot imagine being up to my neck in swamp water, thwarting water moccasins and who knows what else while maintaining a level head - nope, not me.

God bless them for their service. 

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