Monday, June 13, 2011

Basketful of inspiration

I am so excited to be attending Jenn Hayslip's event, Once Upon A Dream, in October!  It is a prairie fairy theme which is sure to be dreamy and enchanting!
Swaps are already being established which means it is time to pool together some inspirational goodies to fuel my muse.

When I have some projects floating around in my head, it helps to have a place to gather some elements of inspiration to help me formulate where I might go.

For this basket, I have been inspired by pale blue and tan with worn white, tattered and prairie elements.  What colors are you loving lately?

{that is my sweetheart's framed gift in the background - we share a craft room - that could be a whole other blogpost ;)  }

The little baby with the bonnet is me {I wasn't born on a prairie, though my kids may think so, lol}.  I love vintage baby pics - the darling clothes, funny expressions and sweet cheeks.

See that prairie inspired millinery on the left?
I purchased those from Linda Marcov of the Willow Nest when she and Ludmil came to the Country Living Fair last year. (you can read about it here).  She had the most enchanting booth!

Sometimes I {hoard} hold onto things until the perfect project beckons their use.  You know what I mean?

By the way, the Country Living Fair has decided to return to Atlanta.
The speakers, vendors and events will be backdropped by the majestic Stone Mountain Park.  You won't want to miss it!! 

I LOVE this "QUEEN" ribbon which I got from Cerri of Little Pink Studio.
I love her assortment of vintage and romantic finds which inspire many projects.
She also makes the most darling art kits!

One day I would love to make a beautifully framed inspiration board to perch my pretties on.  Even then, I think I will probably still have baskets filled with inspiring goodies when I am perculating over a project.

Where do you love to find inspiring color palettes?
{the hardware store, paper napkins, nature, vintage fashion mags}

I wanted to share with you some websites that might be inspiring when you are tossing around future projects.

The Color Room - love their color palettes and layout challenges
Color Collective - their focus is fashion - TONS of color inspiration
Design Seeds - I love how their palettes evoke a feeling in addition to a color palette

What colors are you loving lately?

Have a wonderful week Sugahs!
xo's ~ Heidi


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your inspiration basket…the colors and textures are so dreamy. I am definitely a hoarder of pieces. They are so lovely as they are, I’m always afraid I’ll mess them up by trying to create something with them. I too have been in the mood to start working items for the swaps. I actually started making my shoe (Sherrie’s swap) this past weekend. I got on a roll and stayed up until 1am working on it. I like to work on projects as soon as the mood strikes, while the creative juices are flowing.
I can’t wait to see you and the wonderful creations you come up with. I’ve signed up for a few projects so far…but I’m going to sign up for more.
Thanks for the inspirational ideas in your lovely post.
Love ya,

Beth Leintz said...

Your pictures are gorgeous- I'm thinking you've made my new favorite colors are tan, blue & white!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

ohhh those are lovely ! can't wait to see what you do with them.
My problem is I love color...allll colors. But especially purple (all shades) and coral ... love coral with blue and white...and pink ..pales, mediums and darks. Creams, oh yes pale AND yellowy .. oh and bronzes I am really liking bronzes...and lately too I've been leaning toward a turquoise blue/green thing. Ah, I could keep going but i won't LOL (())