Friday, July 30, 2010

Vintage Vacation Swap Treats

When Jenny Heid announced she was hosting a Vintage Vacation swap, I jumped in for some swap fun!
What a fun way to celebrate all of summer's sweetness!

Here is what I sent my swap partner, Lori of Mud Pie Studio
{think kitchsy kitchen meets farm stand}

I painted and decoupaged a recipe box with some farm fresh images.

Cutie pie recipe dividers!

Not only did we send handmade things but also vintage items like the crochet pot holder and vintage tablecloth.  {and yummy watermelon lippy treats!}

I could not pass up these precious Japanese fruit and veggie erasers!
More fruit inspired girly treats {apple hand sanitizer and Cherry Bomb Tokyomilk perfume}

Some tummy yummies!
{caramel popcorn balls, tomato growing kit, chocolate covered blueberries}

Here are my sweet treats from Lori!  I am smitten with her boardwalk inspired goodies!
Thank you Lori - I love everything!

Lori paints fabulous subway sign inspired art.  Check out her blog HERE.

Not only did she send me vintagey boardwalk boxes but some sweet inspired girly treats -- who couldn't love Pink Taffy lips and Snow Cone toe nails?

Sweet boardwalk treats on painted plaques

Vintage BINGO cards - YUM!
Love the decorative paper covered clothespins!

Thank you Jenny for hosting such a fun swap!
Thank you Lori for such fun treats!

xo's my Sugahs ~ Heidi

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Anonymous said...

So sweet Lucky you! I need to join more swaps.