Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scrap-ade Part Two

handmade projects


I had such fun making the Halloween notepads that I became inspired to make some fall ones too!

For these, I snipped and gathered moire fabric scraps with a pinking shear.  Then I adhered a raspberry, crushed velvet ribbon.  A sweet gathered rose seemed like the perfect icing on the fall cake!

I often "tweak" projects after I test drive them.
Do you do that too?  Some projects just seemed to evolve when I open myself up to them.

I decided to stamp some small scale images on the bottom of the notepads.
When the paper is torn from the paper, a little bit of pretty will be carried to the paper's recipient!

A little bit of FUN in life's everyday "to-do" list is a must.

 In addition to using fabric scraps, you could also use patterned paper or stamped paper, snipped with your favorite decorative scissors, as the first layer of this project.  Crumple it, ink it, Stickle it . . . such fun experiments to try with your scraps!

Sweet fall wishes to you Sugahs!
xo's ~ Heidi


Barbara said...

I love your Fall notepads and especially the colors that you used. I love Fall!

Hugs XX

WW said...

I love how you decided to go with flowers on your notepads. It's a nice addition, as we don't get to see such beautiful flowers in the fall.