Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back Roads

{graphic from The Graphics Fairy}

If you can escape the big city lights of Atlanta, you will find Georgia has lots and lots and lots of back roads.
They may not even be on a map.

Let your inner junkin' soul guide you ~ you will find some of the best stores and neat people there!

On a recent back road trip to Carrollton, I stopped in Whitesburg {don't blink people, you may miss it and their local deputy who is more than willing to give you a complimentary ticket . . . I just sayin'.} at a shop
called AntiqueLoco.  The dearest and sweetest woman, Camille, works there. 

Every time I visit, she welcomes me back with the charm of a true Southern woman.
{So glad you stopped in, how's the family and such}

These were my recent finds at AntiqueLoco.  See the pile of pink floral twill in the background?  - - - two chair covers {insert eep with excitement here!}  For now they will be chair covers until I decide to deconstruct them and give them new life as a pillow? a purse?

Then, an iron urn.  This is not only a great decorative piece but something I can use for storage {cooking utensils, art paper}. 

A sweet cherub planter{now repurposed as a button holder next to my sewing machine} would also be cute to hold soap in the powder room.

The lampshade cover was only $1.  How could I pass that up? really?
Soon, it will be adorned with a burlap shade and rosette!

The glass jar is truly antique jar ~ not a reproduction.
I have not decided yet what I will store in it but until then I even like the way it looks empty {transformation in the waiting}.

Wishing you the best on the roads less traveled Sugah!
xo's ~ Heidi 

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

I loooove to travel the backroads. Going to be hittin' the road Sunday.
May have to plan a little trip to that shop when I get back...thanks for sharing.