Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone was able to spend some time with the people they love on Mother's Day.

My family blesses me every day. I was very happy we were able to spend time together this Mother's Day. Another blessing - I was able to spend time with my Mom and Mother in law too.

I have been playing with trims lately. This is a corsage/pin I made by gathering some lace trim and tacking it down to some buckram. I added a blingy vintage clip on earring for the center. Cover the back with felt and pop on a pin.

This one definitely hit my girly heart strings.

Sometimes we can be fickle, right girls? I also wanted a corsage that had a twisted and tattered look.

I ripped strips of linen (yes girls, as much as I love linen, I decided to do it). This time I folded, tacked and twisted the frayed linen. A little fluff was needed on the side. I added more strips of linen, tulle, and some gorgeous hand-dyed seam binding my friend Ann ( made.

This is the one I decided to wear on Mother's Day. I love fresh flowers - don't get me wrong.
I just wanted something different - you know what I mean?

xo's Sugah, Heidi


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Heidi, Your lace and linen flowers are very pretty!
I just read about your problem with the date of your posts. When you go to the "Settings" of your blog, you can choose between the old and the new editor. When you change to the new blogger editor your posts should come out in the order you had posted them.
The Savannah event must have been a lot of fun! I enjoyed reading about it on several blogs. Thank you for sharing all those lovely pictures!

Charlene said...

Beautiful sweet Heidi! Just like you. I can't believe I will be going to Sirenes without you! You spoiled me for fabulous ROOMIE of the year but, I think Cathy will be fun. Oh check you calendar & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Glad you had so much fun on Mothers Day. We stayed in because I was sick. :( I am so glad you shared your flowers because I just signed up for a swap hosted by Christine Rose Elle (our sweet teacher) for a necklace & I have to make 7 1" to 2" flowers for a necklace. HUGS! Charlene

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are lovely. I must say I am jealous. I don't know how to make these beauties and I would love to learn. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

oh these fabric florettes are darling! I love them! and would enjoy wearing them myself!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Tracy Boyle said...

Heidi! I love your lace and linen flowers! You are so talented girl! Miss you!



Honey Lamb and I said...

Love these roses!!!!