Thursday, May 20, 2010


One of my dear friends is moving back to California. {boo!}  Even though she is from Cali, she has the generous and warm spirit of a southern girl through and through.

Christi is an avid reader and loves to have tea or wine with her books.  We thought it would be fun to have a tea party as one of her farewell events.  {yes Andy, did you know someone could have so many farewell events, lol!}

If you are ever in Newnan, Georgia, you need to try Holly Cottage Tea Room.  Linda is so gracious and thinks of everything.  Her mum is just the sweetest and a consumate hostess.  Sous chef Beth makes the most decadent treats ever.  I am so thankful for all of them - they made our tea party such a special and memorable one.

The day would not be special without making Christi wear a tiara.  Thankfully, we did not have to twist her arm too hard!  You couldn't see her angel wings, but they were there too.

Christi is an English major and particularly loves all things English.  I promise I did not pick which room we would be in.  I thought this one was perfect!

All of my sweet friends - every one of them is a precious and dear woman.

lovely linens

velvety tomato basil soup - yum!

Our tea tray

decadent desserts

A sweet bunch of lovely ladies  - {HUGS} girls!

I do not like good-byes {trying to keep the waterworks in check}.
We love you sweet Christi - we are definitely going to plan a trip to Cali.

xo's Sugahs, Heidi


Tracy Boyle said...

Heidi, I know how much you love Christi! I'm sorry for you that she's moving... Sweet post honey...

Christi K. said...

One of the most perfect days of my life. I said it there and I'll say it again--when I moved to Georgia, I was excited and happy, but I never expected to meet such beautiful friends! Thank you Heidi for planning our wonderful morning and thank you to all of the lovely ladies I'm blessed to call "friend."

EJL said...

Thanks so much for blessing my baby girl, Christi, with this tea. I know she enjoyed it! She made some wonderful friends while in Georgia and I know she'll miss all of you. We've both always been southern at heart, even if we were in Southern California.
Eileen (Christi's mama)

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Now you will have a place to stay when you visit California !
I will have to check out the Tea House, it looks and sounds wonderful.

Charlene said...

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!! You know I adore California. But, Emily must have a check up so we don't get lost. Did you pay your ticket? I don't want you going to Parking Ticket Jail. I miss you & our FUN TIMES in Savannaha. Hope to see you this summer & let's do plan that trip to California. Looks like you all had a wonderful tea party. MISS YOU! HUGS! Charlene

Heidi Meyer said...

@Tracy - I am gonna miss my Christi so much!
@Christi - You are a blessing to us too! I am so glad we could give you such a special day.
@Mom Eileen - We treasure you girl so much - you can join our southern girls club anytime!
@Charlene - yes, i paid the ticket (dang parking patrol) HUGS to you too!