Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wishy Washi

Paper tape and washi tape ~ they are like chips, you don't want to have just one.

When I heard a scrapbook expo was coming into town, washi tape was at the top of my list of supplies to hunt for.

I have loved using paper tape in different projects, even scrapbooking.
7Gypsies makes the paper tape with the words, fronds and florals.
I love their soft colors and interesting graphics.

I am not sure who makes the tape measure and hand tape.
You know I could not leave without the tape measure, right?

I adore the way Hope Wallace of Paper Relics uses washi tape to embellish and hinge elements of her art journals (click here for a peek).  Her work is amazing!
She offers wonderful journaling classes and posts free vintage images on her blog.

Wishing for more washi tapes?
Pretty Tape offers a wide array of washi goodness.

Thank you for stopping by!
xo ~ Heidi

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Andrea said...

Mmmmm. Those look delish! I would probably add them to my stash and then be afraid to use them. Can't wait to see what you create with them!