Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Tussie Mussies!

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

Cheryl was hosting a valentine tussie mussie swap and I couldn't resist participating!

When I received Molly's cone, I was blown away with vintage sweetness!!
I love the music sheet paper and her gorgeous ribbon work.

She even tucked a sweet glittered valentine card inside.
The brooch and beaded velvet leaves make little heart go pitter pat.

But wait, there is more!!
Look how she spoiled me - gaaah!!
Everything was so thoughtful and treasured.
Thank you Molly for the gorgeous cone and sweet gifts!!

One of my very favorite things she sent was this toast stamp.
This has been on my wish list of frivolous things a girl would love to have.
I can't wait to make "french" toast - j'adore!!

Cheryl was so kind and sweet to give us a love letter mail bag.
Isn't it gorgeous?!!
I love the idea of having a pretty bag to tuck sweet love letters in.

Here is the cone I made that was given to Kelly Gibbs Lamb.

A peek at the millinery blooms and tulle

Vintage flocked wallpaper yumminess!

Sweet treasures for Kelly!

Dyed crinkled crepe paper

Has anyone ever seen little baskets made out of cards and yarn?
I came across a stack of these and thought they were just darling.

Thank you for stopping by ~ get out there and spread some love today sugahs!
xo's ~ heidi


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

how sweet ! this looks like a great swap
Happy Valentines Day (())

Grace said...

How cute!! It was a fun swap. Everyone's look so adorable. Happy Valentine's Day. Grace xoox

Cheryl said...

It really was a fun swap!! It was a pleasure to have you participate! Molly's cone really was beautiful and all her goodies! She was so generous! I knew you would be happy getting hers!! heehee!! Your cone was beautiful as well! The vintage wallpaper was TDF!!
Thank you for my hostess gift, little basket! Sooo cute! I loved it...
Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines!!! xoxoxoox

Sugar Lump Studios said...

pssstttt! loving these beauties! Just checking in on you! hope all is well!