Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year Sugahs!

Happy New Year dear family and friends!!

Time to start anew, wipe the slate, rev the engines and ponder what 2011 may hold for each of us.

{courtesy of photographer xxxrmt here}

Cheers to you with some pink champagne!
{If I could transport you to lovely Paris, I would do that too!}

{courtesy of Graphics Fairy}

I am not really into resolutions for 2011.
But I am into inspirations and motivations.

My bucket list:

Keep working on the lifestyle change {the word diet makes my skin crawl.  I like a healthy eating mindset and I am starting to enjoy the gym - who knew?}

Striving to improve on the whole life balance thing - family, work, creativity all into synergy
{can you feel the synergy?}

Be more diligent about letting the people I love know I love them.
{I am terrible at remembering to send cards but I think of the people dear to my heart often}

Continue to cultivate the "brave girl" persona {it's a love thang and check out the Brave Girls if you get the chance.  I have not been to one of their camps but I would love too sometime}

Put more time into my relationship with the Lord {carve out more quiet time for reading my Bible and nourishing my soul, less sloughing off going to church}

Be more focused about making time to be creative by being more organized with my time. {thank you Tiffany for your kind words and inspiration on how to achieve this -- some days I wish I could just clone myself to get everything done.  I need to be content that not everything will get done every day}

Less volunteering for this busy Mom, wife, friend, individual so I can focus on all of the above things.
{I am sitting on my hands instead of raising them - using my auction going skills for this one}

I am sure in the days ahead I will be adding a few more things to the list.
These are just a few things I have been reflecting on as I anticipate the new year.

Are there any resolutions or inspirations you want to share?
I love reading other people's lists {like Sadie Lou's post - love everything on her list} - they inspire me to edit my own.

Thank you for stopping by to visit sugahs!
Sending you the best of wishes for a wonderful 2011!
xo's ~ Heidi


Ann said...

I'm loving it! It's going to be a great 2011! Love you friend!

Olivia said...

Hello sweet friend! I am not into resolutions either, but if you go to Paris...please, please, please take me! If only, at least we can dream.

Denise said...

A vintage military room sounds like it could be a lot of fun to decorate! Can't wait to see more this year.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Happy New Year! Loved your bucket list! I see from the photos below that you are in son was stationed at Ft. Benning (Basic and Airborne) and later at Ft. Stewart...he is now a civilian (8 months now) but I will always remember Georgia and where my son began his Army career. Looking forward to more of your gorgeous art in 2011!

Molly said...

Hello Heidi! I am so happy to be in this swap!! I am making a lot of special goodies to go in the treasure bags!! Happy New Year friend!!
~Molly P