Saturday, June 7, 2014

Scrap Magic

Saving fabric scraps can be worthwhile.
Leftovers from a favorite project.  Remnants from an old dress. Various scraps can be pieces with lovely potential.

Recently, a customer brought me her pair of raspberry velvet Magnolia Pearl bloomers and asked me to make a rosette to match them.

While searching through a basket of garment scraps, I came across a skirt my daughter wore when she was about four years old.  I probably should have donated it long ago but the fabrics were too lovely not to save. With its beautiful raspberry velvet hues and trims, it was a perfect match!

I tore some of the ombre lining and used the strips along with velvet, crinkle ribbon, crochet lace, vintage lace, a rhinestone center and a snippet of tea stained doily to complete the pin.

What are some of your favorite projects you have made with unexpected scraps?

Thank you for visiting!
xo ~ Heidi


Sugar Lump Studios said...

Love how it turned out Heidi! beautiful colors and a wonderful way to reuse fabric/garments! Have a beautiful Sunday!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Good morning Sugah. This rosette is so pretty. I have a beige silk shantung blouse that has been in my closet over 10 years, unworn for a good number of those years. I've resolved to use the fabric rather than donate...but I haven't cut yet. Gulp. Maybe today will be the day.