Monday, January 21, 2013

Tag, you're it!!

Rummaging through antique stores, you can find inspiration at unexpected times with simple finds.
While sifting through a box of vintage brass stencils with great patina, I had one of those moments.
Who gets excited about patina and brass stencils anyway?  I do!
I scooped up a few letters and numbers to use as tags for Christmas gifts.
You can make tags just to add everyday beauty to your surroundings too.
First, you will need to punch a hole at the top and the bottom.
I used a Crop-A-Dile which is a fabulous tool and can punch tin like butter.
If you do not have a Crop-A-Dile (yet, :D ) , you can use a hammer and a nail.
Next comes the fun part - embellies!
I added some vintage millinery blooms.
Mix it up a bit - go crazy!
Buttons and bits - use what inspires you to get the look you want.
Add a simple ribbon or twine for hanging.
I coffee dyed and crinkled some seam binding for a mottled looking ribbon.
Next, finish off your tag/hanger with a crystal or bauble of your choice.
I tied a simple bow to mine.

See what a simple brass stencil can do?
Ok, now it is your turn . . .
TAG -- YOU are IT!!
Share what unlikely find has given you inspiration for a project.
Thanks for stopping by!
xo ~ Heidi


Sarah said...

These are gorgeous! I am inspired by these! Makes me sad that I sold all of mine.

kana said...

Very, very cute!

Leann said...

Hi Heidi

Love your style my sweet friend! I'm off to sign up to follow you!

Big Hugs!


Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Hmmmm, well, unlikely source of inspiration, huh? I think I need another cup of coffee 'cause my brain is disengaged from the thought process just now. I hope coffee helps! Surely there's SOME sort of idea in there.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Now THAT is an inspired idea !
My A D D has been our of control the past week. I really need to get a grip and focus to get more done but I'd have to say that I found the round wooden wreath forms in a thrift store for .50 for three of them and that inspired me to make the plate wreaths...does that count as unusual find? (())

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love these, Heidi, such a great idea! Love the hint about the crop-a-dile...I know I have one of those in my studio somewhere! Thanks for stopping by!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

these are so delicate and beautiful! I love what you have created! Clever clever you!