Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tag - you're it!

These past few weeks have flown by with magical and fun events.  I am working on the blog posts to share.  In the meantime, some bloggy fun . . .

I have been tagged!  Tagged by sweet AndiBee at Brown Bee Studio.  Thank you AndiBee for some bloggy fun!

The instructions are:

         1. Post the button.

         2. Tell 10 things about yourself.

         3. Tag 5 bloggity sugahs you'd like to know some fun facts about.

1. When I sew, I have to sew barefoot.  Weird, but true - better control over the presser foot.

2.  Cats and dogs, I love them both.  Hence, "a dog person" or "a cat person" doesn't apply to me.  A "fur baby" person sounds more accurate.

3.  I am a Georgia girl with roots in Lousiana, a peachy crawfish of sorts.

4.  As a kid, I would make furniture and clothing for my dolls from random things I found around the house.  Sometimes, to the chagrin of my parents.

5.  I love the 1940's era - the music, the fashion . . . all of it.

6.  Both coffee and tea for me - although, I tend to drink coffee the most.

7.  Can a girl be a collector of shoes?  When I wore out my favorite leopard mules, I purchased another pair and maybe have worn them once or twice.  Sometimes I take them out, adore them and place them back in the box.

8.  One day I would love to have a cottage by the sea - ocean air is good for the soul.

9.  I tried to surf once . . . . once.  I think I would have benefited from some lessons but I was head strong and determined to just "go for it".  Some things never change.

10.   I would rather have sour candy, like Hot Tamales, then chocolate.  Yes, I know this may be shocking to my chocolate loving friends, lol.

I am tagging these sweet sugahs!  It will be fun to learn more about them.  :D

             Tracy at Creative Cure

              Nancy Maxwell James at Sugar Lump Studios

              Sylvia at A Pink Heaven

              Lisa Campbell at Dollies Daughter

             Grace at Pink In The City

One of the joys of blogging is discovering all of the neat people and wonderful things out in blogland.  Please stop by and visit each girl and show them some bloggy love!

Thanks for stopping by sweet friends.  Have a great weekend!  xo's ~ Heidi


linwood avenue said...

you're not alone - I sew barefoot as well :)

Grace said...

barefoot??? really....hahahaha I thank you for tagging me I promise to do it tomorrow. I hope you will not be too shocked! hahaha this is fun. Have a wonderful weekend. Grace

Sugar Lump Studios said...

hello sweet Heidi - thank you for tagging me. I am a bit bashful about sharing though.
I see we have more in common. I also dream of having a cottage by the sea - but for me it would be Lake day hopefully!
I also am a fur babie lover - 2 cats and a dog here. I also must sew without shoes on - although I live in Michigan so I usually have socks! ;) Have a great Wednesday m'dear! xoxoxo

Cheryl said...

Hi Heidi!!
A girl can never have too many shoes!! lol!!! Surfing?? hmmm... Well you will have to come visit me this summer and I'll take you to the ocean for some more surfing.. I will watch though!! Lol!!
What a fun post!!
Such a pleasure to meet you in Asheville and look forward to finding out some more fun facts about you!!!