Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Summer!

***cricket noises*** 

Hey, is anybody still here?  I promise, I am still here ;D 

I put the pause button on the regular schedule for a little bit of this

and definitely some of this!

With a whole heaping cup of this . . .

Here is a pic of William and Alex slowing down to taste the sweet life at  Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, GA.

If you are ever in Savannah, you must make a trip to Bull Street to visit Cheryl and Griff's scrumptous bakery!  The red velvet cupcakes are too die for!

The ambience is enchanting and vintage inspired.

Strolling through the parks and squares.

Thanks for stopping by sugahs!  I hope you have had a great summer filled with doing the things you love. 

I have some fun things in the works.  I will post some pics soon!

xo's ~ Heidi


Tracy Boyle said...

It looks like it's been a fun summer! Life is good, girl...

Jana Vicki Gates said...

Hi Heidi, I love your pictures of summer. The bakery looks amazing! It is so you! I'm glad you had a good summer with the kids. I miss you! Vicki

Beth Leintz said...

Love the picture of the water- with the heat lately, just looking at it cools me down a bit. Happy summer!

Karen said...

Hey there!
Gee! We've been there before together - haven't we?
YAY! It was such fun! Great memories!
SOmeday I hope to go back to Savannah to really see the sights. Our time was so full of Jenn's time...but I had such a good time.