Sunday, May 29, 2011


It has been a busy month of May with school and various activities winding down - definitely the month of festivities and celebrations!

One such celebration I have enjoyed preparing for is a Quinceanera for
one of my friends daughters.  For those of you who may not know what a Quinceanera is, it is a Latin celebration for fifteen year old girls which symbolizes their journey from childhold to young womanhood.

Her Mom asked if I could make some accessories for the celebration.  I was very honored to contribute to such a wonderful tradition and moment in a young lady's life.

Pictured here is the special young lady, Monica, and her damas (attendants).
The hair rosettes and dress rosette were some of the items I made.

It was a beautiful Quinceanera!
When her Dad made a speech about giving his daughter wings, it was the absolute sweetest.  I don't know if he shed a tear but he managed to make it through.
(I would be too gushy - I am such a sentimental girl)

There was lots of dancing, wonderful food and a great time had by all.
What a beautiful tradition!  I love that it places importance and responsibility on becoming a young woman.

I am sorry I don't have more pictures ~ I forgot to snap some before I delivered all of the items!

Have a wonderful day!
xo's ~  Heidi

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Tracy Boyle said...

The rosettes were beautiful! Great job and I LOVE the new banner! Work it Sugah!