Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vintage Living

I have been slowly crafting the vintage look I want for our fireplace. Since it is finally looking the way I envisioned, I thought I would share some pics. I know they are kind of dark but I wanted to pick up the dreamy feel when the candles are lit!
As you can see, we have a dark red wall which pops against our bank of white bookcases and mantel. (Don't tell the hubby but I am thinking of changing the color to a creamy cappucino).

The awesome barboard rose pic I picked up from Ms. Wendy's . The creamy ironstone pitcher was a Christmas gift from Wendy. I did not get a close up of the three bunnies but I made those in a porcelain class with my friend Karen. Vintage photo is from Ms. Wendy's too. The vintage architectural pieces were found at Cydney's Alley in Senoia.

I had been on the hunt for the perfect fire screen for some time. Finally, a sweet, white, rusty, chippy planter stand called my name from Cydney's Alley! The little planter cups are perfect for holding candles (I used tea lights) and various other treasures. A chalkware cherub holds a Tyler Co. candle perfectly (did I say the scent was "DIVA" - what else would you expect from a girly girl!). The third piece to complete the "ensemb" is a shabby metal tole candlestick holder with urn. Such shabbyliciousness - I can't stand it! Inside the fireplace are a mirror and vintage silverplate tray.

Treasures and more --- Small nest with eggs to celebrate Spring, vintage tiara for the bling factor and tea light for warmth and sparkle.

Tole candelabra. I {heart} rust, do you?

Nest, tiara, tea light and candelabra as seen from above.

Here is a close up of the tiara. I think wearing one is the perfect Rx when a tough decision needs to be made. Ok, so maybe it is just fun to wear whether you are scrapbooking or need to drive your kids crazy. LOL!

A sweet nest - the epitome of what is home.

Chalkware cherub with DIVA candle

See you on the junkin', antiquin' road! XX Heidi

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